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[This page is in a process of propagation, throughout which you can scroll it at your own risk. There are some very valuable pieces of information amongst the errors and incomplete items at this time. The page will arrive in a finished condition as quickly as possible, hopefully by 2008's Thanksgiving.

The staff of Bioelectrichealth.org.]

2009: Finally, we are getting to work on this page again.

—Biomagnetic Health (previously known as the Magnetic Nutrition page)—

Magic Net is kind of nifty anagram (new term formed by the rearrangement of a term's letters' order) of the word Magnetic. Barring the misalignment in the parts of speech, the two terms are in some ways synonymous. In terms of physical function, it could be imagined that a magnetic item wields a magic net, which holds the processes of the body part that it intersects in a more optimal state of function, due to the action of flux, which aligns the motion of particles in the effected cells, which reduces those cells' entropy*, thus raising their efficiency.

What's truly magic is that when a magnet's stationary magnetic field, it's magic net, coincides with a living physical organ or body part, that field's properties can be used by the organ, or body part to help its biological activities occur in a more efficient, thus optimal fashion, sometimes in startlingly, amazingly desirable ways.

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Page Contents  


Ways that Flux Augmenting Synthetic Technology (FAST) Can Assist Bio-Functionality

  1. Dramatically reduce arthritis and skeletal degeneration pain,

  2. Help bones configure more correctly even though pathogens may be present that induce phenomena that impede their proper formation,

  3. Dramatically assist the activation of stored body fat,

  4. Dramatically accelerate the digestion process,

  5. Increase power in muscles,

  6. Increase coordination and dexterity,

  7. Dramatically reduce head congestion,

  8. Decrease the feeling of vertigo, dizziness, or loss of balance,

  9. Help return some color to hair and

  10. Assist in the growth of hair upon the pate of the head.

(Caveat) All of the above named phenomena has actually been accomplished in a presently 57 years used human body that had been subjected to the MHO/SHEEN program for four years prior to becoming infected with four pathogens whose attack commenced during 2003's August and extended to 2006's April, which produced the symptoms of Hepatitis, Meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in that body. Also, that body has been subjected to the MHO/SHEEN program during and since the four separate pathogenic attacks to the present point in time, 2008's October and will continue to be subjected to the MHO/SHEEN program in order to maximize the body's bioelectric power, which has proven, to the subject, the effectiveness of the MHO/SHEEN program to fortify biofunction.

(Important Note) Please notice that Magnetic Nutrition, as with all of the other aspects of Bioelectric Health, as presented at this Web site, is not used to treat any disease, syndrome, or condition, specifically. Rather, these ideas are offered to help the reader fortify the physical body's Bioelectric and now Biomagnetic features, in order to enhance a physical body's innate ability to function optimally, in spite of the hazards that would cause that body's Bioelectric and Bio-magnetic features to function sub-optimally.

Table of Contents

Some Features about Magnets and Flux that Their Users Should Know About

If you've just read the important note above, let me repeat, we're not using the information here to treat any disease(s) specifically, but rather fortify the physical body's natural magnetic properties, synthetically, by reintroducing flux to regions that, that act is found to offset the results of either pathogenic attacks, nutritional deficits, or a combination of both and to assist, or enhance bio-functionality, where the introduction of flux to a physical region is found to do so. Having said that and not going into why FAST (Flux Augmenting Synthetic Technology) works right away, coming up pretty directly are somewhat detailed instructions on how to go about using presently accessible magnetic technology to fortify the physical body's bio-magnetic features, in order to enable it to overpower physical malfunctions that might cause an individual to seek professional help, where using this information, on one's own, could net one a more functional physical body without further overtaxing one's own economic resources, or a self avowed overburdened biophysical malfunction repair system.

Magnets reside in the OTC (Over The Counter) zone of biophysically assistive activity. Of course if you have access to a medical practitioner that is amenable to the use of magnets and you can afford their services, their assistance could be considered nothing but helpful and should be employed. If however, you are accustomed to hearing that new ideas are "Too good to be true," or such, from your physical care provider(s), maybe you should seek more opinions, or find out more answers on your own, in order to keep yourself better appraised of the options that are now available to you. Flux is not a controlled substance at this time, so personal procurement and use of magnets is totally at the discretion of the user.

Table of Contents

"TOP [Totally (Operable/Operational) Property] Theory of Electron Composition and Configuration" (Very Incomplete)

I would think that somewhere in a "TOP [Totally (Operable/Operational) Property] Theory of Electronic Composition and Configuration" it might state that an electron contains at least one non-isometric (some way lop sided) property. The top referred to here is like on of those little red and white plastic tops, the ones that are shaped like a ball, with a portion of the spheroid missing, leaving a flat circular surface on that end and a white peg protruding from that surface's center, whose tip is finished in such a way as to most precisely continue the ball's surface about the surface of the peg's end, had the ball remained whole. If you take one of these toys and spin it between your fingers and release it, it will land on the surface that you direct it towards and tip up on it's peg end and continue to spin, upside down with respect to its mass, until its angular momentum's force can no longer sustain this configuration with respect to the planet's gravitational field. At that point the top will fall over, spinning along the surface it was on until its motion completely stops with respect to the physical parameters in which you placed it.

I am not venturing to say exactly what attributes this isometric (lopsided) property concerned possesses, which is responsible for North/South polarity property of a magnetic field at this time, other than to suggest that this property is accentuated when the motion of electrons is synchronized via the very particular configuration of atoms in magnetic material. 

The isometric property of electrons could be such that at one pole, flux is more amply located and at the other, charge is more substantially fixed. 

You may have seen diagrams of lines drawn around a depiction of a permanent magnet, where the lines look like arks that connect the so pictured magnet's North and South poles with tiny arrowheads drawn along them to denote their like alignment. The lines and arrows in these diagrams represent the configuration of magnetic force fields, or magnetic flux.

Here now is something that may either be right, or not, but if correct could explain the apparent north/south polarity of stationary magnetic fields. Lets call it the "Slinky Donut Theory" and here's how it goes:

What if magnetism were the mechanical means by which the phenomenon of inertia was transmitted between corporeal (possessing a mass quantity) bodies? Further, what if for some mysterious reason, or another, inertia is the quality of matter that contains the motion of corporeal bodies to sub-light speed, above which no mass exists?

Way back when, some scientists were thinking that there may be a background field in which all corporeal action is played out. What if that so conceived of field is actually propagated only whenever a physical body's (one that contains a mass component) motion is altered with respect to time, or space? The idea that magnetism is a result of the alteration of the motion of electrons, in which case magnetism's mechanics act to oppose that alteration of motion holds up to this day. Ergo, magnetism would seem to be that form of inertia, which acts upon electrons and possibly all electrically charged particles, those being electrons and protons, to site the two examples of which I am somewhat informed. (tentatively submitted: 08-11-22, PBO)

It is said that magnetic material is that which coordinates electron motion. If the so produced electron motion is circular, the so propagated (made to exist) magnetic line of force, which produces the slinky donut type field of a magnet, is propagated in a particular direction. That is because a magnetic line of force propagates at a right angle to the direction of motion of an electron whenever that electron moves.

Table of Contents

Some theory on why synthetic (manmade) static (stationary) flux fields assist bio-function and some dynamic (moving) flux fields harm it

You may have heard of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Radiation. It is said that cells cease to function optimally when they are continually subjected to ELF Radiation.

Devoid of using a high speed electron microscope to see exactly what is going on, it would be difficult to say why ELF radiation hurts an organism, where static flux would help it. Without the use of this high tech detection equipment one is left to conjecture on the nanoscopic (extremely microscopic) phenomena that is responsible for the macroscopically observable phenomena involved with the intersection of biological phenomena with dynamic and static magnetic force fields.

Here is a theory regarding magnetic phenomena based on direct experience applying time invariant (static; stationary) magnetic fields to physical body regions to obtain improved bio-function in those regions as to what might be going on. From experiencing the benefits of using permanent magnets to improve bio-function, I would venture to guess that static flux assists the efficiency of biologic function by channeling electrical activity, focusing it into more concentrated, coactive, thus efficient motions, thus enabling the cells involved to achieve greater effects via their use of the same amount of electrical phenomena for life sustaining activities. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXThis is not so via the application of time variant (dynamic) magnetic fields. Perhaps the cells can configure stationary (static) magnetic fields, but cannot use dynamic magnetic fields to assist their life supporting activities. And with the ELF radiation, the cells try to use the force involved because it is moving slow enough to attempt to use, but the cells suffer, because the magnetic fields involved do eventually move too much to be of any help. In the case of ELF radiation the cells could be like the trapeze artist that has to synchronize their actions to the timing of the motion of the apparatus and failing that fail to grip on to the swing correctly and fall. Maybe this metaphor can help explain why the static flux of permanent magnets helps cellular activity. In the case of permanent magnets, the flux, the swing is always in the same position, thus ready whenever the cells decide to use it and so can use it and are thereby benefited. The upshot is that using permanent magnets to improve bio-function works where ELF radiation harms the organism, so perhaps using permanent magnets can even ward off the effects of ELF radiation.



How to Use Magnets to Accomplish the Results Listed Above


Belts seem to be the way to configure the magnets, which have the lowest hassle factor. Set them and buckle them to get them on. Unbuckle them to release them, simple, quick, easy. Velcro may fail upon occasion with this particular weight magnet. Imitation leather fails at the hip location, where real leather withstands the stresses involved. The belts used in this application employ 18, 14 and 16 magnets respectively.

The shoulder belt breaks up bursitis and the pain that would tend to twist one's posture into wry neck. It could be called "The Bursitis Buster."  

The waist belt, presently being called the "Waist Waster," melts fat somewhat like a microwave melts butter. On this body, it worked to activate and utilize eight pounds of unneeded, stored semisolid propellant in one month. If you don't believe me, make one for yourself and try it! The instructions are included here. 

The bottom belt here, dubbed the "Hip Hugger," is presently being used to pull/pull/draw an unruly femur bone back more tightly into it's hip socket. The untoward outward travel of the hip has been due to the manifestation of arthritis symptoms, which I believe has been an outcome of four attacks from pathogenic agents that struck this body from 2003 to 2006.  I believe that evidence of this return of the hip phenomena is that in using this particular leather belt for this apparatus for about a month, I have moved from latching it at the third hole in from the end to the fifth hole in. Guessing that a one hole tightening move has been due to stretching leaves a one hole tightening move open for speculation and from the way that my hip feels and acts, I am believing that the phenomena involved is causing it to move closer to the central longitudinal axis of the body.

Please let me mention here that I also employ the information posted in the "Tips for Hips" post at the Phil's Tips Posts page. These days, this body stands, sits and lies down about equal amounts of time during any given 24 hour period. It is typing this in the standing position right now in order to use the information around page 130 of Robert O. Becker's "The Body Electric" to the greatest advantage. I am presently figuring that you may as well help your body when you have the opportunity to, because obviously, you won't be able to when you can't and if you do help it when you can, it will be in that much better shape to make it through the times that you can't help it. 


All of these magnets are booted in three inch sections of balloon bicycle tire inner tubes. 

  1. Merely fix a magnet, or group of magnets directly over the pain, as close to the surface of the body as possible.

(Much More Material on this Subject Should Be Posted Here Very Soon.

 Table of Contents

The attributes of the particular magnets that the findings, which are presented on this page, are based upon

I may go into how this person discovered the benefits of such a configuration, but for now let me just gloss the important points for you. For one, it doesn't make any sense to use magnets without any pull. If they don't have some kind of a dramatic effect on each other, they won't have a dramatic effect on you. That's all there is to it. These two magnets are not glued to the hand. They are pinned there by only each other's magnetic force.

What you have here is a magnetic salute. These particular magnets are Ceramic magnets. They are non metallic and are a little bit brittle. When they break, the fractured surfaces are curved. If not for the curvaceous feature, you could easily believe that the material was slate. Ceramic magnets seem to be the most inexpensive, which are presently commercially available.

The magnets in the picture weigh very close to one third of a pound each and contain enough magneetic strength to suspend one from another, even when they are held apart by the thickness of a human hand. The combined magnetic field from the two magnets, together, is holding the bottom magnet up to the palm of the hand that they are held in this configuration by. This is not a fake picture. These are the very model magnets that have been used to uncover the phenomena that is presented on this page. These magnets are not difficult to obtain on the Web. If you would like to know how to procure these particular items you can use this contact information to obtain those details. 

The solutions that are entailed here, too are the most economical of solutions, in the author's opinion. 

Table of Contents  

Instructions for a Home Made Magnetic Belts

I posted posters around town advertising the above described Magnetic Belts for ninety-nine dollars each, but I am not selling them through this sight, so I am not revoking my non-commercial Web site policy. I haven't snagged a customer yet, but at least I am not slaving at making them either. I am figuring that if someone really wants one, they could either dole me that much capital, or they could either procure the materials and make one, or more of them themselves, or procure the needed materials and get someone that they know that is still kind of handy and looks like they could put their time to better use to knock one, or more out for them for them. I can imagine a nominal fee might be involved. Unemployed male technicians of some sort or another might be amenable to this activity. Whoever might want one, could also straight out hire a technician for their time and materials to do the job for them. The reason that I am placing the 99 dollar price tag on the items is think that that I have a lot to do trying to turn the work at this Website into a hardcopy version to get to people that aren't as connected to the Web as you are yet who would like to benefit via using the information to improve and maintain their physical body's functional level for their selves using the fortificational medicine discussed here. To make it easier to make a Magnetic Belt, the following is what I have found out about making them:

  • Genuine leather for the actual belt material works the best, as it seems to be the strongest material commonly available for the purpose; where strong material is necessary in the "Hip Hugger" application, as a strong belt can work to pull somewhat dislodged, or degenerated hips back into their sockets before the belts break from the stress that some hip positions place on them.

  • A store bought belt works just fine.

  • Select a belt that is six inches larger than the one that you would expect to use, as the magnets are run inside the leather strip, increasing the dimension required to get around. (It's better to have a belt that is too long than one that is too short.)

  • The magnetic puck rubber slide pockets are made out of three inch sections of balloon (1.95 to 2.25 inches) bicycle tire tubes, which can be purchased at any Bicycle Shop.

  • To get the pucks into the rubber slide pockets a set of hickory drum sticks works well.

    • Cut the Balloon Bicycle Tire Tube into as many three inch (3") sections as you can get. A tube for a 26 inch wheel will yield 23 sections (slide pockets).

    • Insert both drumsticks, tip end first into a 3" slide pocket.

    • Place a puck in between the drum sticks, so that they will slide into the pocket when you pull their blunt ends together, which opens up the slide pocket to the dimension of the puck once the blunt ends are pulled so that the sticks are parallel to one another.

    • Once the sticks are parallel, work the puck into the slide pocket. This is the most challenging step, but you should be able to make it happen without too much of a fuss.

    • Once the puck is in the pocket, roll the sticks around the edges of the pucks so that they are next to the flat side of the puck.

    • Pull the sticks back out of the so assembled item.

    • Adjust the puck so that it is centered in its pocket.

    • Continue the same process with as many pucks and pockets as it will take to get around your belt.

  • Slide these assemblies onto your belt's tongue end, so that all of the magnets are on the inside of the belt and all of the pucks' magnetic field's are oriented the same way, either all North Poles facing in, or all facing out. You should be able to without the assistance of any tools.

  • Snug all of the pucks together by pushing them towards the buckle end of the belt.

  • Once you think that you have the belt that you want, wrap it where you want it and buckle it.

  • That's that!

  • If you are using these items for ameliorating (lessening; easing) arthritis, rheumatism or bone degeneration pain, its best to get one of the magnets directly, exactly on top of where you feel the pain coming from. The items then knock the pain away in a less than a minute, after you get more adept at accomplishing this adjustment.

Table of Contents

Instructions for a Home Made Headache Melter Hat (HMHMH)

You may be able to save some money and your liver at the same time by building and using your own HMHMH. Magnets only stop working if you destroy them and you won't destroy them using them in this way, so unless you loose your hat, you will only purchase them once, making this remedy economical. As for saving your liver, it is common knowledge that long term aspirin use causes liver damage. If you could prevent your headaches in an aspirin-less way, you will prevent your liver's demise via aspirin toxicity, because you won't need to use them.

The easiest way, I believe, to make an HMHMH is to:

  1. Start with a baseball, or other cap that you wouldn't mind being seen in that has a top button that is fastened with a material, which is magnetically attractable.

  2. For the past three months I have been using magnets, of a strength, such that they can each be used to pick up and hold on to a ten inch adjustable wrench (spanner) via their own flux alone.

  3. I apologize for not having the proper ratings for neodymium magnets yet, which are very strong for their size, but these are the kind of magnet that I would use for making my next HMHMH, had I my choice, specifically because they would be unobtrusive. Wearing a Neodymium Magnet HMHMH isn't a fashion statement, at least in casual settings, compared to wearing a Ceramic Magnet (Microwave Cooker Magnet; Be sure to get someone that knows electronics to extract them for you, as that can be a hazardous task.) HMHMH.

  4. Four magnets are optimal. Three magnets are very good. Where two magnets produce a desirable result.

  5. If I only had two neodymium magnets, I would locate one each of them outside each of my Craneocerebrum's [skull and brain considered together; used here to represent what I believe to be the more proper name of the main piece of hardware, which is associated with the HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computer, according to Philip Stocklin, in his unpublished paper, "Physical Basis for Pattern Processing in the Human Brain," whose reading has induced in me the idea that the brain might not produce activity that enables it to be used to produce pictures of the physical plane for the presiding entity, if it wasn't surrounded by the skull. (You'd have to read the paper to see why this would be so.)] temporal regions (just above and behind each of my eyes) by inserting them in to the head band around the corners of my hat's bill. The way that I am attaching magnets presently is that sew them into place with safety wire in unnoticeable ways.

  6. Polarity of the magnets is important. The rule is that the same pole on any of the magnets that you  are using should face the same way, either in or out. This way works the best for me, anyway. I think this is so, because via such an orientation the configuration of the so associated static flux does not overwhelm the biological material that it is coinciding with. If you oriented the polarization of your fields such that they ran N-S/N-S through your head, instead of N-S/S-N, or S-N/N-S, you would be adding the fields of that pair of magnets together, as opposed to canceling each other out. Adding them together might be too much for the configurations of biological material to deal with and thus make it function worse instead of better. 

  7. If I had three neodymium magnets, I would place the next one in the head band at the point that was most to the rear of the hat, so that when I put it on, it would be located just outside of my Craneocerebrum's Occipital and Brainstem regions. If I used one of those hats that had a plastic adjustable size strip at its rear, I would, in a pinch try taping that neodymium magnet to that strip. After the tape heated up for a while, though, it's glue might melt and get stuck in my hair, so eventually I would probably try to develop an upgrade to that idea.

  8. If I had four neodymium magnets, the placement of this last one would be the easiest, provided I had that hat, which had a magnetically attractable fastener holding its top button on. I would simply orient the top magnet the same way that I had the other three and allow it to affix to the button fastener on the inside of the hat. Then simply don my magnetic headache dissolving chapeau and Voila! I would have made my own HMHMH with a Tetrahedral Axes Shaped (TAS) field with four neodymium magnets, some tape and a baseball, or other cap. (TAS is the simplest way to affect/effect a volume (3 dimensional region) of space and seems to work well for this purpose.)

This idea is working well for me and I hope that it works out well for you also. I don't think that there is a danger of the hat being responsible for brain tumor development, like unshielded cell phone use, again because the flux field associated with permanent magnets is effectively static (stationary), where the microwave radio flux, which is produced by cell phones is so highly dynamic that two of them running for three minutes placed on either side of a raw egg has soft boiled it, which is food for a considerable amount of thought, in itself. 

Arthritis, Mycoplasma, Magnets and Toothaches

Dr. Joel Wallach, mentions Mycoplasma spp. in connection with Rheumatoid Arthritis on pp. 283 of his invaluable book connecting information on minerals with that on health, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie," blazing new inroads into improved body function and durability.

Looking up Mycoplasma and its associated terminology in the "American Heritage Dictionary, College Edition III" one might get the idea that Mycoplasma is a pathogen that has some similarities with bacteria and some characteristics that are similar to those of a virus. Also, from looking up the associated terminology in the same reference book, one might get the idea that Mycoplasma could be said to be able to transform to different states, morph, you could call the action. 

From what I have directly experienced by trying to use pretty powerful permanent magnets to resolve arthritis like symptoms, I can see how an organism that had the capability to morph from a stationary state to one in which it could move easily through the body, its mobile state, would fit the properties required for the organism, possibly Dr. Joel Wallach's Mycoplasma, which I seem to be able to move out of its stationary state with the magnets.

Table of Contents

Instructions for and Benefits of Making a Magnetic Bandana

Magnetic Bandanas are the least expensive way to deliver bio-activity aligning, thus bio-activity enhancing flux to a biological region.

Only their use as bio-activity enhancing head bands, or bio-activity enhancing neck kerchiefs shall be discussed here, though any place that a magnetic bandana can be tied can be beneficial to an ailing body part, because the flux from the magnet/s help/s align biological activity, increasing that activity's efficiency, thus helping the targeted biological parts function more optimally.

What magnetic bandanas are good for is most economically resolving issues involving:

  • Headaches Four of www.magnetsource.com 's CR-45s work great when they are positioned well.

  • Dizziness Four of www.magnetsource.com 's CR-45s work great when they are positioned well.

  • Sluggish Thyroid Glands--Only two magnets are needed, one on either side of the throat to increase thyroid activity.

    • It has been said that some viruses can slow the thyroids down (hypothyroidism) for a while, which enlarges it and makes the throat sore and causes drowsiness. Placing magnets over the thyroid glands helps them be more efficient, thus diminishes sleepiness and sluggishness, caused by this malady.

  • Spinal difficulties in the Neck Region--A magnet placed over the part of the spine located in the neck helps resolve skeletal difficulties at this location.

It may take some experimenting to get the magnets correctly situated, but they are very beneficial when used to enhance the bio-function of the region that they are placed over.

To make a magnetic bandana:

  1. Spread a bandana out on a flat surface, outside down with its top corner towards you (where there is lettering involved) with its bottom corner facing away from you.

  2. Fold the far corner towards you so that, that fold's crease arrives about two or three inches from the center (corner to corner) line on the side of the bandana that is away from you, so that the far corner lands about two or three inches from the corner that is facing towards you.

  3. From edge to edge, Along a line across the near side of the bandana, place either one, two, three, or four medium strength magnets, such as www.magnetsource.com 's CR-45s, at a points that they are supposed to be when the bandana is in place. If only one magnet is used, place it on the near corner of the cloth.

    1. Some people say that it matters which magnetic pole is supposed to be facing in towards the body. I don't concur with this idea at this time. However, an issue does occur when magnets are oriented in such a way that their magnetic fields are additive across a body part [N-S (Body Part) N-S, as opposed to N-S (Body Part) S-N, or S-N (Body Part) N-S], because additive fields over power the ability of the cells to deal with the flux involved. It is a noticeable phenomena, because when powerful enough magnets to accomplish major effects are used, pain ensues. The remedy, which makes the setup feel better, in stead of worse is to switch the incorrectly oriented magnets around the right way--all same poles in and all of the same poles facing out.


  4. Roll the similarly polarized magnets up to the center of the bandana.

  5. Fold the opposite corner down over the magnets in sections that are less wide than the width formed by the part of the bandana that is already rolled up. This will be the side of the bandana, which faces the body.

  6. Pick up the bandana from its ends in a way that it can be put on and tied without loosing the positioning of the magnets and with the single folded edge facing down when the bandana is on.

  7. The ends can be tied in a square knot, which can be twisted into a double half hitch knot, as a double half hitch is a slip knot and can be used for adjusting the taughtness of the setup.

  8. Once it is on, push the magnets around inside the bandana until they are right where they should be.

  9. If pain occurs, check and see which magnet is switched around by using another magnet to check the polarity alignment and switch it back around the other way. The pain from too powerful a field will cease and the beneficial effects of magnetic bio-activity alignment will continue as the benefit of this patch.

Table of Contents

*The energy lost in a system of activity that can't escape it... Ergo, it can't be used as a product. 
A Reduction of Entropy Effect on Cellular Particle Motion of Magnetically Imbued Cells Theory, at this time merely predicts that the influence of flux in a cell reduces the randomness of particle motion, by coordinating motion in parallel orbitals around flux lines, as opposed to all directions, by allowing the electrons of the particles involved to move only in effectively parallel orbits with respect to each other, perpendicularly with respect to the magnetic field.
The parallel orbital aspect of particle motion around flux lines orientation feature of the configuration of particle motion in cells, because the electrons are many times fixed to the atoms, is merely  speculative at this time, but the reduction of entropy idea does help explain the directly experienced phenomena. The "Parallel Orbital" prediction could be wrong, but there is some actual reason for the health benefits involved and at least the idea of the reduction of the entropy involved seems logical and should be experimented with, in order to obtain more information about this highly, physically beneficial phenomenon.
2008-2009®Philip B. Obsharsky. All rights reserved. This material may be copied, or transmitted as long as any source information that is included with it, it meaning any part of the composition of this material that is transmitted or copied for any reason, is retained with it and this copyright statement is retained as a part of it and no financial compensation is sought or derived for such action. 






This map has been drawn to help some of the Americans who do not live in New York State or the surrounding vicinity not feel left out of the SYNC Education Plan. Now you can also work  at finding out about what Scientology is and what L. Ron Hubbard's information may be able to help you with. From studying it for some time now, Scientology seems to me to be built from the ideas represented on this map. If you would like to you can see what particular item is inlayed where you live and work at familiarizing yourself with the particular attributes of that idea, the definition of that term, what it means to you and how that particular term might have something to do with what you are, or have, or intend to experience in your life here on the surface of Earth, in America at least the contiguous portion thereof, for now anyway, because this is as fast as I can go at working this project out. I hope that you try it out and have fun with getting something that will help you out out of playing with the ideas that you come up with dealing with the SYNC.

Now I can't really swear to the cartographical accuracy of the overlays on these maps, but I think that they're pretty close, the honeycomb map kind of disambiguating the areas between the circles of the previous version. The maps manufacture has been inspired by the idea that trying to take in too many ideas at one time can possibly overwhelm a person. That's why the US has been divided into regions were the local individuals involved can concentrate on defining and studying how their AmSYNCian sub-cellular term applies to the activities they are involved with. Then once the individual has the ideas connected to their localities term anchored well in their mind, they can then work at how those ideas apply to the terms of the localities that surround their own.  

Following is the LADDER/GLASS COG. Why is it here? Because this page is what we are working on right now and it has something to do with what I am presenting via the SYNC COGs. By figuring out the LADDER/GLASS COG, one will get what is going on with Scientology more and thus might be able to benefit thereby.


Amoebaphrenia Anagramation and Application of the name Philip Brian Obsharsky to the GoStayUnDumb Baseballegory Theater Field Positions, or, "Look What You Made Us Do!" Table

Following is a project that I have been working on to demonstrate the difference between intelligence and sanity. I capitalized on the fact that the PMS staff seems to incline itself to refuse to acknowledge that I managed to get my brain working again, my theory for that being that they don't want to upset the mushroom cart that's spilling their paychecks all over them. My theory goes that there is a mandate in mushroom farm management that states that if the patients get better, there will be no work for the staff, thus if they staff wants a job, it will keep pushing the most debilitating treatments possible, while espousing to be the patient's most beneficent assistant, to keep the conveyor belt rolling to the hopper for the sake of maximum crop yield.



Go ahead. Tell me I'm wrong. But then also tell me how so, if you can and want to. I don't believe that you will because I don't believe that even very merely sane people could do that and I don't believe that very intelligent people, would be at all inclined to, because they know what I am going through, between myself and the system people and they know that if I fell they'd be next ones to be posted on the front line against the merely sane people. Ergo, I'm the fool, right? So jolly good for me huh.

Thus, I rest my case your honor.

Thank you and thank you again.

STORM'S EYE FLAG (SEF) / Spirit Picnic Table Cloth

Looking at it with the sky background here, this COG looks like it could be above you, but try to look at it as if you were in outer space, looking down at a section of Earth that was over water. Then it could be oriented like a table cloth, couldn't it. Well people say that people are, "Up there," when the lose possession of their ability to animate their human bodies any longer, so why not look at this item as if it were that and you were one of the ones that was up there for a moment.

The way that this COG lines up is that, if you took the four home plates of the four GoStayUnDumb Baseballegory Cloverleaf Theater Field Phases and connected them together, with the square that was formed by the four Torii kind of running around the SEF's infield, squared to the edges of the flag and you made the bottom home plate of the SEF the StayUnDumb Field Phase of the four GoStayUnDumb Baseballegory Theater Field Phases, and you followed the other home plates around counter clockwise, just like you would normally run the bases on a baseball field, you would align the four main categories of human endeavor--Technology, Humanity, Economy & Religion (there at the bottom home plate) with the home plates of the SEF.

That would make the SEF's Pitcher's Mound the center of the eye of the storm so represented, which would also align as if one was looking down into the GLASS, which now formed the edge of the SEF's Pitcher's Mound, which, if you wouldn't mind interlacing the STAR CELL at a more metaphysical angle, you could align the YUOMi curve down through the SEF's Pitcher's mound also, though I can't say that I know at this moment exactly how the other various aspects of the SYNC align to the SEF. But I do have an idea of how the SYNC's outer aspects might align with the less vertical poles of the TABLOIDER, which we might get to go into at a later moment than this one. So here's a look at a bigger picture of the game which you might be willing and able to imagine yourself in than you are probably accustomed to viewing, at any rate, which is offered to you in the hopes that you will be better at playing it while you are in it--the game that you happen to be in, that is to say.    


I've performed an executive action as the PRESIDENT (Person Responsibly Effecting Situations Involving Decisions Entailing Necessary Transactions) of the Herkimer County Advocacy Committee Inc www.facebook.com/hcacinc to make the SEF the HCAC's Flag.

The SEF COG is also posted at the bottom of the MOFIA www.tabloider.org/mofia.htm page if you would like to read more about it.

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