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ac-tion Relative change. (Top) 

ac-tion Mo-ment The extent of an "Existential Juncture."

acronym: a-crO-nim noun. A word formed from the initials of other words.

anionia: an-E-O-nE-a (neologism) noun: A condition in which any number of ions greater than zero that are supposed to be oriented in specific positions in the physical body in order for that body's bioelectric component to function properly is/are missing. [< an: without + ion: electrically imbalanced particle + ia: sickness]

e-lec-tri-ci-ty  The central link between the future and the past; A force that pulls matter and energy towards the CAM (Center of the Action Moment) in the Now Juncture; A force that intermediates between time and space; Electrostatic and Electrodynamic force (dictionary definition); The way the photon to the proton and is centered at the electron.

e-lec-tro-phys-i-cal-frac-ti-verse The part of the total universe that supports atomic structure that possesses properties and configurations that can be observed via Earth's Science; The part of the total universe that is encapsulated between the rate of the propulsion of motion that is known as "'C,' the speed of light " and the rate of the arrest of motion that is known as "Gravity."    

ex-is-tence The capability of awareness.

ex-is-ten-tial junc-ture An overlapping of space and time that forms a medium throughout which action may take place.

fu-ture=Space, devoid of time. (Top) 

Gestaltic/Platonic singular case: Any of the terms: they, them, those, these, we, & us when they refer to a singular entity that contains numerous parts; The term�gestaltic singular�takes into account the single unit as a complete entity and its feature that is known as the sum of that whole single unit's componential parts each as one unit, the total of which being two units that, when combined form a case that can be referred to by using the neologism (new term) Gestaltic Singular.  

i-on  A particle that is either relatively influenced more by radiation, or gravitation, denoted by its negative or positive polarity assignation respectively, which enjoys a force of attraction with ions of the opposite polarity assignation.

junc-ture A shared position that is occupied by two or more elements.

gra-vi-ta-tion A force vectored towards the duration of all time, where space is naught/zero/nada/zilch/nothing/nonexistent, because all is solid.

me-di-um A phenomenon that possesses all of the requirements for existence to occur.

MHO/SHEEN -ist One who uses the MHO/SHEEN therapy to improve the condition of their CELL.

mnac-ro-nym (the initial 'M' is silent) nac'-rO-nim, Mnemonic + acronym; An acronym designed to assist the memory.

mne-mo-nic (the initial 'M' is silent) Relating to that which helps one remember.

now A point on a theorized equator of existence, which circumscribes a theorized axis of existence, at which the future is preceded by the past; where biological life occurs.  

par-ti-cle  Physics definition: An item that possesses but one location in each time and space.

past Time, without any space.
posterior effects  noun Unwanted side effects.

pos-tu-late Reckon. (Top) 

psy-chi-a-tro-gen-i-a-tric Psyche = mental + iatro = healing + geni = generating + iatric = healing; actually repairing the cause of the mental disorder so that the the person can then use their brain/mind to effect other healing processes in themselves.

psy-chi-a-tro-ge-ni-co-sis Psyche = mental + iatro = healing + genic = generating + osis = sickness; illness generated in the physical apparatus of the subject on the logic that that effected disorder distracts them from being able to act upon their mind/brain's erroneous solutions, thus preventing their actions from becoming more problematic than if left untreated (psychiatrogenicosistry, psychiatrogenicosistric).

ra-di-a-tion A force whose activity is vectored in the direction of all space, or when time is naught.

Space The length, area or volume of a phenomenon or simultaneous phenomena; The destination of radiation; The future; Emptiness. (Top) 

te-tra-he-ter-O-mod-cra-cy Literally - four + different + ways + power; The proverbial 'Powers that Be'; four hierarchies that combine to form the de facto (in fact) government of any large sentient body of individuals, the greater the number of individuals the more refined the hierarchies; these four hierarchies being the Theocracy, the Technocracy, the Sociocracy and the Plutocracy; each of the four hierarchies working within its own set of parameters to exist in harmony with the remaining three hierarchies, combining its efforts with those to discharge its governing functions upon its faction of the tetraheteromodism (the tetroheteromodistic belief system).

time The duration of a phenomenon, or collective phenomena of one space; The destination of gravitation; The past; Solidity.

won A postulated juncture on the equator of the existential axis at which what is known as the past to those located at the "Now" juncture, is preceded by its future; the juncture that is diametrically opposed to, "Now (when and where biological life exists)." To act exactly opposite of the way that time occurs at the now juncture... if a body were not moving it would not experience the phenomenon of aging; whereas in the instance of it traveling more and more rapidly it would experience the phenomenon of aging more and more. This time flow influence vector could be said to be oriented positronically as opposed to negatronically, as the time flow influence vector that biological life occurs in, at the postulated existential juncture that we refer to as, "Now," is oriented.   (Top) 

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MMM: Merck Medical Manual

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