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  1. E-mail Response to Dr. Andrew Weil's session about Integrative Medicine that was recorded at Monument High School in Great Barrington on 2003's December's 02'nd that was aired on WAMC Radio on 2003's December's 03'rd
  2. Good News about Magnet Therapy
    Email Message
    2008 April 05
  3. Philip's opinion of the way that BioelectricHealth Information should be used to comply with Mind Freedom International's Principles in the hopes of getting www.bioelectrichealth.org promoted at the MFI Web site
    Email Message
    2008 May 01
  4. Author's Health Status Update Letter to the Veterans Administration
    2008 July 04 (Mailed 2008 July 07)

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E-mail Response to Dr. Andrew Weil's session about Integrative Medicine that was recorded at Monument High School in Great Barrington on 2003's December's 02'nd that was aired on WAMC Radio on 2003's December's 03'rd:


Dr. Andrew Weil,


The acronyms and words in blue font in this page should all be hot, with explanations appearing upon mouse over.

I herd the last part of your presentation recorded at the Great Barrington High School  on 2003�s December�s Second.

It is interesting.

Words that I was hoping to hear in it were, �Minerals,� �Prevention,� and I didn�t expect it, but �Augmentative,� as a replacement for, �Complementary,� would have been a nice word to hear also, not intended as a slight to the term, �Standard� practices; merely meaning, �Addition to,� devoid of negative insinuation. I do recognize that the word, �Augmentative,� does imply some form of �Inadequacy,� but from my own point of view, the nomenclature seems both applicable and appropriate to me.

Maybe you haven�t been in Arizona for that long.  I worked in Tucson in 1974/5 and saw then that the Papago American Natives were just as you described them in your presentation. 

I think that the term, �Integrative,� would apply if it were used in reference to the relationship between, �Standard,� and, �Preventative,� medicines; the fulcrum of the see-saw relationship resting on the, �Standard,� doctor�s front door�s threshold. I think that that is where all of the parties concerned enjoy their best relationship. Everyone concerned would like to have their own side of that line and be able to stay on it, all other factors being equal.

I don�t like to rely on unproven methodologies, but when effective ones do not render the desired effects, the use of more prototypical procedures becomes more of a matter of necessity than unsound medicine. Drastic circumstances call for drastic measures, I believe is what you inferred that your belief is. The more optimal solution, I think, would be to solve the problem in time so that it does not allow the development of complications, but even when the problem is of a serious nature, I believe, the use of the proper, �Augmentative," treatments and modalities would invariably assist the effects of the standard procedures towards the improvement of patients� conditions and that the use of proper, �Augmentative,� practices, would  then not be considered to be,  �Drastic,� but merely procedures that would render the application of the, �Standard,� medicine to be more effective.  

I think that the problem in the population is that the barrel is presently spoiled, so the doctor can no-longer stay away and that if those apples weren�t weakened somehow, the one bad one could never have spoiled them (re: Modern Miracle Men) . That article is important.

I hope that you come visit Bioelectric Health to see what is going on with minerals and that you decide to use the ATM MHO/SHEEN BEHT therapy both yourself and on your patients to effect your own continued good health and their improved recovery.

In case anyone that you know is actually interested in proof of the efficacy of augmentative procedures on an observational basis you could direct them to the, �Opening Bet,� page.  The proof will cost them, but if they are truly interested in the improvement of their own and their patients conditions, they would consider the rather nominal investment worth it. You have my email address.

Thank you for you for your kind and patient attention to this e-mail . I believe that I will post it on the Web site on a page called �Letters & Mail (a take over of the L&M acronym)�, in case you would like to refer to it in the future. I appreciate what you are trying to do for people. I hope that matters will proceed steadily to a desirable condition for us all. Thank you again for starting your clinic and delivering your presentation in Great Barrington yesterday.

Best regards,

PHILIPING (Person Helping Individuals Load Ions Perfectly In Nice Groups) Fill Lip,
Philip B. Obsharsky, from http://bioelectrichealth.org.


----- Original Message -----
Email Message

Sent: Saturday, April 05, 2008 11:09 AM

Subject: Good News about Magnet Therapy


Greetings from my own "Kitchice [Kitchen + Office minus "-en & -off" (it absolutely minimizes commute time)],"

I hope your doing okay.

Finally, Spring's getting here. Yeah!

Here's some great news.

A friend told me back in 1998 that magnets helped his knees and I have had a pain in my buttocks muscle for the past year that I was able to help a lot via using magnets. It was hurting pretty badly when I went to get up on it.

I have four microwave magnets. They are donut magnets. Two can pick up five pounds each and the other two can pick up three pounds each. Two each are located around the Magnetron tube in Commercial Microwave Cooking Devices. If you decide to dig them out, make sure that the capacitors are discharged before touching their electrodes. You've been warned. I took my four so acquired donut magnets and placed them around in my front and rear pockets of my pants and within a 24 hours the pain in my buttocks muscle had decreased by 80%.

I have been working with them now for about 6 days. When I feel as if they are not quite performing as I'd like them to, I switch their polarity around, meaning I just turn them over in my pockets and within a few seconds whatever pain I was experiencing ceases. Their effect is pretty amazing.

Other phenomena is that the pain will relocate, say to part way down my femur bone or up into where my sciatica nerve used to hurt, before I did stretches and chicken bones to fix that up. Or maybe it will hit my knees when I am walking down a steep incline trying to hold a full wheel barrow back. The new pains are a lot less intense than the old pain and from thinking about it, I figure that if I can keep the pain on the run with the magnets, the areas that it travels to will be able to configure the electrical phenomena involved better than my rear end had been able to do with the static that that area's cells were experiencing.

What I am theorizing the magnets to be doing is offer to the localities that they effect, flux (lines of force), which that so effected area's cells use as channels, or roadways for ions to flow on. The synthetic (manmade) introduction of flux to a region's bones (the structures in which arthritic phenomena tends to settle), I believe, assists those bones in moving their electrons around, thus those bones' calcium, better.

Bones, as Robert O. Becker tells us in his work "The Body Electric--Electromagnetism, the Foundation of Life" that, via direct experimentation, he corroborated the discovery that bones are made out of calcium crystals that have "Piezoelectric (the property whereby the piezoelectric material moves electrons form one place to another when the pressure upon that material is altered) properties."

Possibly somehow arthritis causes an attenuation of the piezoelectric quality of bones, which the introduction of flux from manually placed magnets about the so corrupted region helps to maintain. I was thinking that good bone crystals might naturally form their own flux, which the electrons, thus calcium would normally be channeled by. A possible effect of the pathogen/s that has/have arthritis as an outcome/symptom is a corruption of the bone's natural flux generating capacity. The magnets might simply replace the bones' so lost flux component, which they use to channel their ions along.

How might this effect muscle though? Here is some speculation. What if the muscles were also somewhat dependent on the electric fields that come from the bones electromagnetic fields that were generated via their use of this piezoelectric property, or their own, for that matter? The muscle's neuro-muscular junctions may be induced to send pain signals when used. Why? Possibly because their development (the nerves and neuro/muscular junctions) might depend somewhat on the body's ability to produce an electric field about it, weak as it probably is. I don't know whether that is true, but I think that somebody should actually be looking that way when thinking up experiments to do regarding arthritis. Mightn't that be a good idea?

Well, at least if you have arthritis, or know someone that you like that does, you may be want to get your hands on some pretty strong magnets to try some independent experiments yourself. What does a person that has arthritis have to loose? Just a few dollars (for some magnets) and their pain. That sounds like a pretty safe BET (Bio Electric Technology) to me.

Here's something else that is really funny (quirkily good) about the therapeutic value of magnets too. Call me nuts, but at the same time I started with the donut magnets, I took a few large flexible refrigerator magnets, stuck them inside a sock hat and slept with them, because I had read that there is Iron in blood and I figured that if I slept with the magnets on my head, that the magnets might pull some of that Iron out of my blood up into my hair. You know what happened? I have been doing this for about a week now and:

  1. Some (1%) of my nearly totally dead white hair turned brown again. I mean really pretty brown. Most of it turned a very light yellowish color, but some of it turned a rusty reddish brown. It is shinny too, at least when I wash it.
  2. The head congestion that I was experiencing for years, that I would take 75 milligrams of aspirin sometimes to resolve, broke up!
  3. My balance is getting stronger again.
  4. The body position that I go to get into is becoming more precise again, like for catching a ball, or other falling object. I mean I can move a lot more accurately than I had been able to there for a while, again.
  5. Last night I was having a pretty sever tension headache, which I was tempted to use 75 milligrams of aspirin on, but instead merely did the one minute acupressure trick while laying there in bed in order to get to sleep and my headache was totally gone by the time I got up this morning. The one minute acupressure trick for relieving tension headaches is to take one of your thumbs, press directly inward on the bridge of your nose very hard for 30 seconds, then slowly release that pressure over the span of the next 30 seconds. I think that that might be working because of the tension that it redistributes to the neck muscles and the electric field that they create via their tensioning might attack the unwanted electric field that holds the headache in suspension. That is speculation too and would require more experimentation. What would happen if you base your head up against a wall and place the pressure on the bridge of your nose, so that you don't have to use your front neck muscles to counteract your thumb's pressure? Would the procedure still work? You would need to find that out if you really wanted to know that answer. I just fix the problems that I run into so that I can get to the one that I really want to work on, so I haven't done that experiment yet to actually see what happens... too busy. Anyone could though. Sooner or later in this life I think that it is safe to bet that you will get a tension headache. So now there is an experiment for you to do. That might keep you busy and in less of a need for synthetic substances to. Aspirin, I've read is merely Boiled Willow Tree Bark, but still, you have to purchase it and who wants to spend money if they don't have to? (Termination of Digression)
  6. I think that my digestion is improving. I had been logy for a while, but the other day, after and while using the magnets for a few days, I wound up working for quite some time and my energy levels held up extraordinarily well. I mean I was literally running around getting things done and not getting tired. Maybe the sunny day of spring had a beneficial effect too, but I was really feeling good and I hadn't for quite some time.
  7. I have more power in my legs now. I can nearly go down to the deepest deep knee bend on one leg and come back up.
  8. I think that replacement muscles will grow back on my legs easier now, because of the magnetic flux boost, because my pants around my thighs feel tighter, meaning that my quadriceps have grown a bit from the running on them. This is different from not using the magnets, because before I used the magnets and road a bicycle, which would normally be expected to increase leg muscle mass, it didn't, but now, with the magnets in my pockets the muscles in my legs pumped up. Two days later now, they feel stronger and more substantial. Plus they don't feel as tight and hard as they used to. They are acting more of the way that they did when they were working well.
  9. There are also other actions that I do to help my body bioelecrically also though.
I sleep with a 6,000 volt negative ion generator going right next to my head. I made it out of three high voltage transformers that I purchased from over the Web for about ten dollars a piece, some wire, a switch, and a video cassette box. That might be helping me out too.
Also, I continually hold nutritional multi-mineral substances in my mouth to carburet them into my body, because carbureting them most accurately replicates the their arrival schedule at the body's intestine's uptake ports had those ionic substances been included in the bulk food that I eat, which it isn't in, because of the mineral deficiencies of modern food. I figure that this activity serves to maximize my body's ionic (electric particle) content, which is a large reason why the magnets work for me, where they might not work for an ionically (minerally) deficient person. If there are no ions for the flux to work with, not much can happen.

Further, I think that if I wanted to make a crude, but effective magnetic hat now, I'd like to start out with a large sheet of one of those car door advertising magnetic slabs and cut out a pattern in the form of a Pill Box that fit my head via duct taping the material together and develop some system for holding the hat on while I slept.

Here's an experiment that I haven't worked on yet, but it makes sense to me. If someone had disk corruption in their back, they might want to think about a magnetic pad for their spine. I don't know whether they are available, but raw slabs of magnetic material are out there and purchasable. A great thing about magnets is that they don't wear out, or get used up. They are as good tomorrow as they were yesterday. They could be bought once and used till one's problem is resolved.

A note about disk and vertebrae corruption of the neck. One very relevant rule here should be noted about the piezoelectric property of bones. Robert O. Becker says, again in his book "The Body Electric--Electromagnetism, the Foundation of Life," something to the effect that he found out that the rule of electron migration in this manner is that they move towards where the pressure is greater, thus tractoring Calcium to the more highly stressed regions is what occurs. He further instructs us by saying something to the effect that this makes total sense, seeing how more building material, Calcium in this case, is needed where there is greater amounts of stress on the supporting structures. This property helps keep bones the strongest where they need to be.

In the case of neck bone degeneration, I think now that light headedness should be explored as a major contributing factor. I am not talking about the feeling, I am talking about the actual mass of the head involved, which produces the phenomenon of physical weight in a gravitational field. (Side note: Einstein had a small brain but its sulci--the brain's bumps--were deeply furrowed, a condition that I attribute a the greater electromagnetic pull, induced via the application of greater amounts of bioelectric power, is my guess. Ergo, one thing that I am saying hereby is that lighter human brains are in no way to be construed as necessarily less intelligent brains.) The problem with the bones of the neck, if they support a slighter head is that when the calcium is moved, it will be drawn from this region rather than transported to it, due to the greater pressure factor migration property of Calcium discussed in the previous paragraph.

What is the resolution then? Besides all that has been discussed here and on www.bioelectrichealth.org already, I would suggest the use of appropriately weighted sand bag hats to be worn at convenient times throughout the day to possibly jog in, or when doing other activities that would naturally maintain a steady rate of variance of pressure on those neck bones. Even walking with a bounce with a sand bag hat would help build up the amount of calcium in a neck bone's vertebrae if the calcium were kept available that is. A consumption of cartilage, inexpensively obtained via the ingestion of chicken cartilage, might help the neck's disks fill out more also.

What is good about the therapeutic value of BET (Bio Electric Technology) is that ions are actually the food that our bodies need. When one actually gets the ions that are supposed to be in their body back in it via mineral carburetion, or whatever way works for one (I have had good success now supplementing bulk food directly with powdered mineral supplements.), this activity gives one's so targeted beneficial effect a greater glide ratio than the administration of the un or even anti-nutritional substances known as "Drugs," "Medicine" or "Medication."

Where the glide ratio of drugs' beneficial effects is might be $1.00/hour, meaning either that a drug's effect will take a dollar per hour to maintain, or that its effect will wear off at the rate of a dollar's worth of it for every hour that one stops using it, we would be talking about a $24 per day usage rate. Whether you are old or young, you could do without such an economic loss, no?

The efficient ingestion of minerals would be a way to go about avoiding this rapid decent of economic altitude. Why is this so? Heavy Nutritional Mineral Supplement usage runs only about one single dollar per day. But, and this is a large bbbbuuuuutttttttttttt, when one actually does maximize their body's mineral content and get their body running correctly again, they terminate the negative effects of what can be called their CANDIES' MACHINE (Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs, Illegal drugs, Electronic devices, Sugar... Myriad Addictions' Cause--Humans Intensely Needing Electricity!).

You can turn off your own CANDIES MACHINE via using your own "ATM MHO/SHEEN (Augmentative Treatment/Modality--Minerals Held Orally / Sleep, Hygiene, Education, Exercise & Nutrition)."

Then also, one's use of their ATM MHO/SHEEN can eliminate the need for their consumption of possibly half of their actually presently desired normal bulk food diet, thus totally eliminating that expense from their economic budget. Who knows? ATM MHO/SHEENING (In Nice Groups) could help ameliorate credit card addiction. I hope that it does. Don't you also?

There is a lot more about all this posted at the friendly pages of www.bioelectrichealth.org. Please visit here soon to find out more about how to maximize your body's Bioelectric Power to help it work the best that it can for you.

Now maybe you have a few more ideas about how to take good care of your body and thus have a better chance at it.

Take care and stay well. I hope that that endeavor is going to be somewhat noticeably easier for you now.

Thank you for reading this email. TYA.




Philip's opinion of the way that BioelectricHeath Information should be used to comply with Mind Freedom International's Principles in the hopes of getting  www.bioelectrichealth.org promoted at the MFI Web site


(MindFreedom's Principles are in the Navy Font.)

(Philip's Opinions are in the Green Font.)

MindFreedom Principles

by Jeremy Bensman � last modified 2008-04-28 22:58

We in MindFreedom envision a world where many useful, humane, empowering and competing models replace the dominance of the bio-medical model�where the resultant flourishing of services, groups, philosophies, and products allows for a genuine freedom to choose. In order to be listed in our planned directory, all individuals, groups, and agencies must agree to uphold certain principles. These principles set them apart from traditional services.

I don't think that it is incorrect to use valid knowledge of biotechnology to help resolve the issues generated by suboptimal HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computer function. Also though, I think that the further de-optimization of HOST function due to the observations of the symptoms of suboptimal HOST performance is a symptom, itself, of either the application of a dysfunctional bio-technology, or the use of a functional bio-technology incorrectly and should be halted immediately, in either case and where desired on the part of the HOST in question's owner, only bio-technology that restores and improves HOST function should be competently applied according to the wishes of that HOST's owner to help resolve any suboptimal conditions that are detected in that HOST's function.   


Our practitioners, groups, and agencies. . .

�    Respect the rights of people to make an informed choice about psychiatric drugs and treatment. This includes making available to people unbiased information on the risks and side effects of any treatments and services.


�    Offer support and encouragement for people to discuss the side effects of psychiatric drugs.


If necessary, they will offer to advocate for them with the prescribing physician.

I haven't gotten that close yet for it to be an issue. I say that bioelectric technology is augmentative (additive) to other medical technology's rather than "Alternative." I don't care what the alleged psychiatrists say. I just say add, as opposed to alternate the Fortificational technology of bioelectrichealth to whatever you as a patient want to do to improve your HOST computer's function to get it up to the level of function that you, yourself desire for it to function at for your own purposes.

�    Never pressure people into taking psychiatric drugs OR into getting off them. Services are never contingent on a person being �med-compliant� (i.e., �I/we will only treat you, offer you shelter, or allow you to participate in the program if you are on/stay on your medications.�).

No Problem, I've got a lot better things to do anyway. Who needs the hassle? What a person does that doesn't effect anyone else is in their own purview to me, not mine. I can merely suggest and point out. If someone doesn't get it, then, "Oh well," what can you do? I want to find people that I can help, not get all torn up by people that for one reason, or another I can't help with BioelectricHealth Information.

�    Respect the right of people to want to discontinue using psychiatric drugs. If it is within their scope of practice and the person desires it, they will aid the person getting off drugs to taper off the drugs in the safest way possible. If it is not within their scope of practice, they will proactively seek resources and practitioners who will aid them in this process.

Fine, BioelectricHealth has something to do with that though, because if you get the HOST running well using BioelectricHealth information, you will probably eventually arrive at the conclusion that you are at least wasting money on the psychotropic drugs and want to eliminate your use of them for economic reasons alone. What I mean is that if you fill in the potholes in the HOST's bioelectric system using BioelectricHealth Technology, it just might feel foolish to further ingest psychotropic drugs on the parts of the attending Psychiatrist as well as the patient, themselves, so I can't really see an issue here at all, but naturally, I concur with the above statement in the case that withdrawal symptoms still manifest. I wouldn't jump off one horse until I had another to jump on to, because it doesn't make sense to slow down when you are ridding towards a better life, like peaceful Mongol hoards. And, "Yes," I am saying that BioelectricHealth Technology should be explored as an augmentative mount to Methadone as the alternative steed where Heroin use is involved, in the case of relevant "Double Trouble" issues.



Our practitioners, groups, and agencies. . .

�    Do not tell people that they suffer from irreversible genetic and biochemical abnormalities. Instead, they believe that recovery, growth, and change are extremely probable, especially given the right conditions.

Oh yes, certainly! The questions are now "What natural control elements guide the manufacture of the Genetic Blueprint?" and "What means can be used to improve the function of those control elements?" not "Oh, how can we mere mortals ever hope to resolve this overwhelming issue that other people have been solving like falling off a log for millennia?" Yes, enter the equation on a level high enough to affect a solution, rather than at one low enough to be the effect of an untoward condition found in it, here stated to be "Genetics."

  • Question: Why can today's athletes run faster, jump higher, and react quicker than yesterday's?
  • Answer: "The nurturing of enhancements detected in the Genetic Blueprint?" possibly.
  • Question: Is it possible that Genetic Blueprint enhancement can occur via the competent augmentation of existing non genetic biotechnology with Bioelectrichealth and BiomagneticHealth Technologies.
  • Answer: From what I've been able to find out, I would say "Of course!" The key word all along the line would be "Competence" though... competence in research, interpretation and the application of uncovered information.  

�    Understand and are highly sensitive to the effects and implications of diagnosing someone with a psychiatric disorder.

Yes, may, first hand, myself included, I regret to say, but for me things are better again, so that's okay, to me, anyway.

�    Do not use psychiatric diagnoses as the primary way of understanding and relating to people.

Yes, what's the point of that? The HOST computers serve their owners, not the other way around. People should be thought of more in the light of how they use their HOST computer�what they do with it�rather than being defined according to their HOST's functional capacity.

�    Are willing to have an open, collaborative dialogue about the diagnosis if one must be given for insurance or other purposes.

That's okay, I guess. What must happen economically will occur with, or without corroboration, but at this point financial phenomena is a non issue for any possible bio-electricians involved, because it seems to me that the connection of BioelectricHealth Technology to material money is somewhat counterproductive. I mean that the way that money is like the utensils that are used to consume productions pie , it can be used to eliminate the eaters, themselves, which is, to me, the main reason that more successful mental technologies than are used presently are not better known and used instead.  

So my answer to any monetary issues involved is "Whatever, the economists say is okay, as long as it is agreeable to the person that is submitting to the treatment, themselves."


Our practitioners, groups, and agencies. . .

�    Recognize and uphold the rights of people to conduct their lives free from coercive treatments.

Yes, me too!



Our practitioners, groups, and agencies. . .

�    Collaborate with people they serve on the desired outcomes from the service or product.


�    Allow people to make their own choice as to when to leave the service or discontinue using the product.


Our agencies. . .

�    Grant the people whom they serve an active role in shaping agency policy.

I would say that BioelectricHealth Technology is more of an educational service than an Agency, per see, so I don't think that there is an issue involved with this point, but let me add that if someone tells me something, I figure it into what I am doing as long as I feel that they are being truthful about what they are saying.



Our practitioners, groups, and agencies. . .

�    Do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, sexual preference, disability, etc.

At this time BioelectricHealth Technology is being made available to anyone that can figure out how to use it to improve and maintain the condition of the bioelectric portions of their HOST computer and physical body. Intentional discrimination on my part does not exist. Where someone want's the information, I do my best to give it to them, devoid of their personal relationship with Humanity.



Our practitioners, groups, and agencies. . .

�    Prevent the sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse of people served.

Yes, of course, I can totally agree with this.

�    Preserve the mental and physical integrity of people served.



I hope that this answer by me on behalf of my personal version of BioelectricHealth Technology as espoused on www.bioelectrichealth.org, to be usable for the purpose of the improvement of the function of HOST computers, serves to make it possible for the inclusion of its link on the "Alternative Psychiatric Services" page of www.mindfreedom.org as an "Augmentative Educational Service regarding a great breakthrough in the technology of the fortification of power supply of the electro-neurological component of the HOST computer."

Thank you for reading this post. Thank you again.

Best regards,




Author's Health Status Update Letter to the Veterans Administration

2008's July's 04'th

[Not here typed contact individual's name and title]
Department of Veterans Affairs
PO BOX 11000
ST PAUL, MN 55111-0000


[Not here typed appropriate salutation],

It has been very nice of you to have paid my way via VA Disability Pension for this past score years. I would like to try to reciprocate by giving you back something which I believe is valuable. To accomplish this, please allow me to invite you to study a compilation of information, which introduces a new technology that can help the normal person of today gain an average of ten more years of peak life vis-�-vis this technology�s average non-user.

The military may win the wars but this technology will enable the people that use it to win both the wars and the peace. The more that people can win in peaceful settings, the less they will have to fret over war, because peace is a more desirable condition than war, thus it is worked towards much more than war. More effort is applied toward peace, because people like living in safety more than they do in danger. Because there is more invested in peace than in war, there is more power in peace than in war. Ergo, the war will usually go to the CELL (Complex Entity Living Life) that can keep winning the peace most effectively.   

Wouldn�t you, or any other possibly mentally sound individual want to know how to live a healthier and more active life for a decade more on the average than people are making it these days? Have you noticed that the average intelligence and people�s physical strength and their durability has seriously declined in recent years? Don�t you think that allowing such a trend to continue for very long would fair poorly for the fate of the American population? If you could get physically stronger and more mentally alert than you presently are via your use of a technology that you could personally learn yourself, wouldn�t you want access to it to use it to help counteract your own physical decline, if you could?    

One of the reasons that I am writing this letter is that I think that the VA should be all about peaceful victories. As people can win peacefully via the more successful perpetuations of their lives, we will not have to resort to war to maintain tolerable living conditions.

Back in his day, my father, Theodore Obsharsky, was a ball turret gunner on a B-29 and his plane crash landed in Switzerland while attempting to return from a mission. He sat out two years of the war there. When he got home, I see from his records, he had what was then called �Anxiety Syndrome.� He convalesced in a VA hospital in Upstate NY for six months, I believe. Then he went looking for employment.

My dad was pretty smart at some things. He used to play cards with the members of my mom�s family and say to them, �It�s time to take your money now,� and he did just that� every single time that they got to play. However, I think that he fell into the same trap that many people seem to get their selves stuck in. He thought he possessed more information than he actually did. I�m saying this, because he smoked cigarettes. I guess that that isn�t that bad, but his issue with them blossomed into political proportions. He seemed to use them as a means of asserting his rights, because he didn�t know that they damaged a physical body�s functions. His body only made it to 64 years of age. Actually, the secondary smoke involved may even have been a contributing factor to my almost older brother�s crib death and my mother�s death from cancer when her body was 45 years of age. Who really knew the truth about smoking back then? I quit smoking when the price went up to $1.65 and in the 1980�s. I called the reasoning involved a �Poverty Therapy Strategy,� as I was trying to live on SSI Disability benefits at the time�not a very great amount of money. Being so impecunious might have actually saved my life, though. If I smoked all this while, I�d definitely be a lot less healthy than I am now. My dad helped win the war, but he lost his own battle for his piece of the peace to cigarettes, because he didn�t know enough of the facts, prehumusly.

I think that some people do things that they know shorten lives just exactly, expressly, to shorten their lives, because they figure that there won�t be much for them, when they get to the far end of theirs�. I call what I think that those people are doing, �Organ Sacrificing (OSing).� A man that succeeds at killing their liver or their lungs doesn�t have to worry about being accused of malfunctioning mentally, because OSing puts them out of the picture totally. However, suicide never helps anyone win their own piece of peace in life either.

We can break the fall of the oil supply�s die off via returning personal bio-physical power to the people via insuring that their bodies� bio-electric power supplies are adequate via the material presented at www.bioelectrichealth.org (~.org).

On the one hand I think that we got very lucky finding out the so formulated information. I think that it is nearly miraculous that information on this subject is finally available to those English speaking individuals that have access to the Web that wish to avail themselves of this new way of fortifying their presently most weakened, normally speaking, link in their biophysical system. On the other hand, from researching the material that pertains to the situation, I�ve found the fact that the information that I�ve posted has been known by some people for the past fifty years, but has not been delivered to the general public, difficult to accept; especially when that information is not really that incomprehensible or that scientifically inaccessible.

Of course my allegiance is to America and the VA for being so gracious as to support me for these past twenty years with nominal questions asked. Now too however, I feel that America in turn owes its loyalty to the population of Earth for permitting it to perpetuate its free way of life. I remain alert to the fact that for every 20 twenty Non-Americans there is only one American. This 20:1 ratio makes me think that America should work towards obtaining the majority of Earth�s population�s willing support, if it wants to remain the planet�s leading country. I feel that as I neglect to work to win the stage�s (Shakespearian Reference) majority, I am neglecting my duty as American Veteran who was supposed to be fighting for the best interests of the majority of the people. This reasoning is what compelled me to develop ~.org. I thought that because of what I got to find out, through, by and for what America stands for, I, as an American should return the service via a means that would benefit the most individuals the most, thus www.bioelectrichealth.com, which was later changed to ~.org, first appeared on the Web in 2002�s June.

~.org is an educational site that discusses some of the components, properties, attributes and factors involved with a fresh new approach to human physical functionality, namely the bioelectric perspective. Looking at health as it is effected by the physical body�s bioelectric properties and means of those properties� derivation opens up a mother load of knowledge, whose exploitation can now gain for its beneficiaries, a decade more of desirable physical existence, at least, on the average. All of the cures that are supposed to be here in five or ten years then will be here while we are still alive to benefit by them. Actually, that last statement was tongue-in-cheek. I mean A) To predict a discovery requires knowledge of its existence, so a prediction of the existence of a cure is an admittance of a present cognizance of it, which means that it already exists and B) the only reason that five years from now will be this very day is because the people that actually have to experience the phenomena decide to make it so.

I don�t want to delve into my actions too deeply here if you aren�t interested in what I am trying to do to help out, but I thought that it would be good to check in with you to tell you that I am not really disabled any more, kind of anyway, at least no-longer mentally so, due to what I am espousing on ~.org. Since 2003 though, I have been attacked by pathogens that have yielded the symptomatologies of, some form of pretty strong Hepatitis (yellow eyes, white stool, etc), Meningitis (gas actually passed out of my brain from between its parietal lobes for a period of five second one morning with that one.), Multiple Sclerosis (I was laid out on the floor 20 hours a day for a period of two months straight while I felt the nerve junctions pop in my legs and my legs muscle mass drop about 40 %.) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (I practically totally lost my � hour short term memory for about a year and I have to really stay on top of my act now, nutritionally, to make sure my neurology stays in tact any more.) However, via what I am doing, which I post on at ~.org, I have been able to regain and maintain a reasonably tolerable health condition again and what is more amazing; I was able to accomplish this totally devoid of any direct professional intervention. I am even back to doing ten pull-ups again and 50 deep knee bends with 30 pounds of weights in my, now, semi regular physical workouts. My neighbors who got some of the same illnesses are now dead. Yes, I mean �physically terminated, gone, six feet under. They were all even helped by the American Medical System.

I�ve now found that I make my arthritis issues recede via the placement of magnets over the pains that I get. The placement of magnets on my legs and sleeping on a magnetic mat has helped me regain about 10 percent more power in my legs. I think that they are about 75 percent as strong as they used to be at this point. My discovery of the usefulness of magnetic power was made in the past couple of months.

I will post a copy of this letter posted at the �Letters & Email Out� page of the ~.org Web site to let people know what is going on in regards to its author�s financial status. If you don�t think that it is inappropriate to post this letter on the ~.org Web site, please contact me in regards to the issue.

I hope that you forward this letter to the medical section of the VA, to help them resolve PTSD issues, and other phenomena that the information posted at ~.org could be used to assist with.

If you have any questions for me, or if you think that my services as a bioelectrician would be useful to you, please contact me. At least visit the Web site to see what I am trying to tell you.

Thank you for your ample financial assistance and valued attention to this letter.

Good luck with everything that you attempt to do.

Try to stay as alert and as durable as possible.

Thank you again.


Best regards,

Philip B. Obsharsky


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