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Stress Undoing Individuals Causes Increasingly Deficient Electricity,


Strained, Undone Individuals Cause (is) Intensely Deficient Electricity,



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...where, the difference between stress and strain is like the difference between a weighted (stressed) unsprung spring and a sprung spring. It's the difference between a spring that returns to its original shape after the weight that lengthened it has been removed and one that remains distorted upon its release from stress.

  A person's personal Intensely Deficient Electricity (-IDE*) is remediable via adding on to (augmenting) their own health (bio-functionality) care (support) regimen, activities they can develop via working with THE BEST CURE. By successfully doing so, at a hardware (physical) level, they could regain control of enough energy to better deal with all of the factors that were placing stress on them. Thus, they could re-obtain the best state of affairs, which were then available to them, with respect to their environment. Whether they then possessed enough energy and wherewithal, both physical and mental, to deal with all of the opposing factors they had to, in order to keep living the way they wanted to... that would require their competent use of the materials of the pertinent subjects involved. However, adding THE BEST CURE to their to do list would go far to at least keep the foundational concept of this mnacronymsuicide (self inflicted physical death)out of their game plan, out of their operating equations.

The reasoning on this mnacronym runs thus: As you can get suicide to suicide, itself, to do itself in, so to speak, you could be rid of it (suicide), because it would then ended its own existence. As you suicide suicide, you stand a better chance of living, because you at least will no longer possess the urge to do you in, either cognitively or unconsciously, and by doing so, you will diminish the power of one of your most formidable opponents, that adversary being none other than yourself, which is merely a less ordered version of you, or YOU, standing for "Y" (reason), Organization & Understanding, which you are the primary owner of. Your "self" is yoursbelongs to youby definition. Using your present awareness of SUICIDE/SUICIDE as an entranceway to your study and use of THE BEST CURE, you could possibly add yourself to your ally list and thus possibly double your chances of making your life work out more the way you want it to at this point in your continuum of existence.

Anything, not equal to zero, or infinity, divided by itself is equal to one (1), so suicide, which is something not equal to zero or infinity, divided by suicide, equals one (1). That one turns out to be YOU, again which turns out to be, "whY (reason), Organization & Understanding." Now if you want that one, that you, that YOU, to, "Be all you can be!"**  IMHO, you should get that YOU to do THE BEST that it can, because then it could create all that it could and thus have all that you could, thus you would enable yourself to exchange that for all that you could then obtain, in order to then get to be in the most best ways that YOU could be, at that point in your life (continuum) and there you'd be, all you (YOU) could be!

The modification of the Jolly Roger flag's (of pirate lore) icon of a skull and cross bones, where the crossed bones appear in front of the skull, in the above depiction of SUICIDE/SUICIDE, is supposed to demonstrate a crossing out of death by a portion of its own self. Granted, the artwork could be a bit more sophisticated, but can you agree that the concept of having the crossed bones appear in front of the skull works to show this idea? To dig anyone out from under the idea that they'd be considered to be pirates, and possibly hunted down for going with this idea, which is possible, sailing under this flag as it were, IMO you would benefit by studying information regarding the term, "Privateer."

IMO the Mushroom Farm's hierarchy's reasoning (to each as little as possible and from each as much as can be obtained) are the enemy of all other nations' peoples (cultures), be those nations Technological,  Humanitarian (sociological), Economic (plutological), or Theological in nature primarily, because mushroom farm reasoning tends to keep beneficial information out of people's reach. Thus IMO, displaying this icon can mark one to be in league with anti mushroom farmers, rendering them to be anti obfuscators of the free flow of beneficial information, but not to be any enemy what-so-ever of any body of well intended sentient individuals, of, by and for whatever nation they primarily adhere to.

For those individuals who may be contemplating, "Tatoo," here... my own consideration of the matter is telling me that the self cancelatory configuration of this icon's features, combined with the resultant effect of placing oneself behind it, rather than in a confrontational relationship with the icon, might not gain the effect that you had intended for it prior to committing to its placement. Further, I believe that it would always be better to think before you ink. Temporary tattoos could be educational. I am still thinking, myself, about tattooing and the thought that keeps coming to mind is, 'What if I don't like it tomorrow?' More assuredly, to me, it's better to be the artist than the art. Ergo, I've thus far only placed art on non living objects, in order to convey some form of life through them and have consequently, to date, performed no work on previously live canvases, including my own. 

The Camel's BackA New Diagnosis: The Loss of One Too Many Mineral Atoms

They say that a camel's back was once broken by the placement of one too many straws into the animal's burden. How did they know that the straw is what caused the camel's spine to fracture, though? How did they know that the weight of the beast's total burden was the only contributing factor to its physical demise?Actually, they did not know. They just saw a lot of straw on top of the camel, fallen there on the ground and said, "The straw must have done it, because there it is on top of the camel, which we see is lying there on the ground under the straw." 

Could the following events not have transpired though? What if the camel, who was entirely used to carrying straw for its masters, wound up carrying its burden in the hot sun too long, such that it perspired out much of the mineral content, with which it made it's biological electricity, to the point where it lost the electricity it needed to pull (attach) it's physical body's energy to it's physical body's matter, to the point that the camel's body's matter could no longer hold onto that energy, some of which it used to hold its body together? The camel's body's energy would then have departed, leaving the camel's complement of matter where it was and in this case with a load of straw upon it. Then, what if when the sun caused the camel to perspire so much that it made the animal lose enough minerals, such that it's body's back's matter lost enough electricity to lower those material's ability to withstand the stress involved below that materials' Stress/Strain Point (S/SP; the point at which the amount of stress involved turns into strain)? That back's tissues would have broken apart, thus incapacitating the animal and allowing it to collapse under the weight of its burden. Besides one more straw breaking the camel's back, it also could have broken, because it was weakened by the animals loss of one too many mineral atoms, which could have been due to the animal's:

  1. Excessive exposure to heat,

  2. Inadequate mineral nutrition, or

  3. A combination of both A and B   

and the fact that adding the straw into its burden at that particular time could have been mere coincidence.

True, any camel's back would break at some point via increasing its burden beyond its body's back structure's S/SP. However, had that unfortunate camel's masters allowed their animal to rest in the shade more and had they increased its mineral supply, its back may have held up either for a longer time span, or to a greater load, or some combination of both of those possible outcomes. 

From working at presenting this material, I got the idea that it would be better if I actually obtained some more information about camels than I had and on the Web I came across the interesting (to me) statement, "Camels are worked for only six to eight months of the year. The rest of the time they are rested to recuperate." This time struck me as the period the animals need to refill their systems with minerals which are depleted while they work. I read also that, "One humped camels (dromedaries) can carry over 900 pounds, but usually are only loaded to 450 pounds." It certainly seems that it would take some notable quantity of something to move that weight for that much time. Electricity, thus minerals are merely part of the equation, but without them biological matter can proceed nowhere.

Now does it not make make sense to supplant the moral of the camel story, "Do not increase stress too far," with the advisement, "Reinforce what you can, while you can."

*Prior to the Boston Marathon catastrophe, ~ was mnacronomized, "Increasingly/Intensely Electrically Deficient," to coordinate the mnacronymy involved to the acronymy involved with, "Improvised Explosive Device/s (IED/s)," in order to gain a recognition of the idea that a physical body's electric deficiency or being deficient electrically (both descriptions of the same phenomenon) is a very hazardous condition for a person's body to be in. However, due to the Boston Marathon tragedy occurring, the phrasing in this article has been returned to how the initials appear in the original mnacronym--SUICIDE/SUICIDE. IMO, where IDE is hazardous on a personal basis, IEDs are devastating to others, even though IEDs can be made and planted by people who suffer from IDE. My effort to change IED acronym back to IDE, not to minimize the sacrifices Military Personnel and others have made due to such negative phenomena, which are truly great indeed, I intend to convey my sincere condolences to those effected by any of the negative phenomena that is brought to mind via their reading of the material on this page, which is one person's sincere effort to improve the situations that contain such negative phenomena, so that that negative phenomena's occurrence decreases and is hopefully eventually entirely eradicated.  

**A slogan on a U.S. Army recruitment banner.



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