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SYNC, SYNCIA and the AMSYNCIAN Map are the result of thinking along the lines of getting ideas to others that can help them better align the data [observations of phenomena (item/s within the awareness of the observer)] they perceive (receive on/over/through their incoming communication channels/ports/lines) so they can manage what they can of that data to turn it into their own information (evaluated data; where unevaluated data informs no-one), in order to use that so obtained knowledge (awareness of information--evaluated data) better to their own advantage/avail.

Voila! For all intents and purposes, the SYNC Page's fundamentally finished form was completed yesterday, 2017's Thanksgiving. I think that this BOX (Basically Organized eXtrapolation) of ten COGs sums up the situation that we Earth people are in at this time. It may look pretty odd at first, but your scrutiny of it, I believe, will yield to you a great degree of insight to the workings of matters that you are probably involved with at this moment.

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Following is the LADDER/GLASS COG. Why is it here? Because this page is what we are working on right now and it has something to do with what I am presenting via the SYNC COGs. By figuring out the LADDER/GLASS COG, one will get what is going on with Scientology more and thus might be able to benefit thereby.



AMSYNCIAN--American Mensan STAR YORK NEW CELL Intelligence Agency Nation--Maps

This map has been drawn to help some of the Americans who do not live in New York State or the surrounding vicinity not feel left out of the SYNC Education Plan. Now you can also work  at finding out about what Scientology is and what L. Ron Hubbard's information may be able to help you with. From studying it for some time now, Scientology seems to me to be built from the ideas represented on this map. If you would like to you can see what particular item is inlayed where you live and work at familiarizing yourself with the particular attributes of that idea, the definition of that term, what it means to you and how that particular term might have something to do with what you are, or have, or intend to experience in your life here on the surface of Earth, in America at least the contiguous portion thereof, for now anyway, because this is as fast as I can go at working this project out. I hope that you try it out and have fun with getting something that will help you out out of playing with the ideas that you come up with dealing with the SYNC.

Now I can't really swear to the cartographical accuracy of the overlays on these maps, but I think that they're pretty close, the honeycomb map better defines the areas between the circles of the previous version. The maps manufacture has been inspired by the idea that trying to take in too many ideas at one time can possibly overwhelm a person. That's why the US has been divided into regions were the local individuals involved can concentrate on defining and studying how their AMSYNCIAN sub-cellular term applies to the activities they are involved with. Then once the individuals have their ideas connected to their localities term anchored well in their minds, they can then work at how those ideas apply to the terms of the AMSYNCIAN localities surrounding their own AMSYNCIAN sub cell.  



"YUOMOUiCOW (pronounced E-U-O-mO-oo'-E-kaw)--The STAR CELL's Four Interaction Axes" 

YUOMOUiMOUYUOM/MOUYUOMOUi COW Curve--Graphronymic rendition of Scientology's "Tone Scale"


  1. STAR CELL's YUOMOUi (pronounced E-U-O-mO-oo'-E) Axis extends between STAR CELL's Cause and Effect poles, both down from whY (reason's cause) to Meaning (reason's Effect) and then back up to iNTELLECT [the perciever plus perciever's awareness of the perceiver's perception of the so obtained experience] 

  2. STAR CELL's Consciousness Axis extends between STAR CELL's Knowledge and Reality poles

  3. STAR CELL's Ownership Axis extends between STAR CELL's Control and Communication poles

  4. STAR CELL's Will Axis extends between STAR CELL's Responsibility and Affinity poles

  5. STAR CELL's Life/Game/Understanding Plane, which lies perpendicular to STAR CELL's YUOMOUi Axis, is oriented by STAR CELL's Reality, Communication and Affinity corners/verticies. 

  6. STAR CELL's Organization/Order Plane, which lies perpendicular to STAR CELL's YUOMOUi Axis, is oriented by STAR CELL's Knowledge, Control and Responsibility corners/verticies.  


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