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As Physical Improvement is Desired, Exercise is Required

The more that you do the, "MHO (Minerals Held Orally)," treatment, the more exercise becomes a needed and wanted activity than a mere option.

Many of us, because of the depletion of our body's vital minerals supplies, have let exercise fall to the bottom of our things to do lists, because without minerals, our bodies lack ions. Without ions, our bodies lack electric power. Electric power is what holds the radiationally (spreading out to everywhere) oriented power of energy to the gravitationally (pulling in to nowhere) oriented power of matter. Some people have even dropped exercise from their list entirely.

When we loose our electricity because our bodies loose their mineral content, we loose the link that we need, that holds the energy that we should have to the matter that our bodies possess.

Attaching matter to energy, at an atomic level, is what electricity does.

What biological life is at a material level, is the phenomenon of controling electricity to get it to control some amounts of matter and energy, to form some kinds of physical bodies, to manufacture effects with them, to in turn affect other amounts of matter, electricity and energy in a shared time/space continuum, to induce the perpetuation of the existence of those living units' controling entities in that so shared time/space medium.

When a person builds up their body's supply of natural electricity it is like building up the tackle that ties the horse to the cart, the horse being "Energy." The more electricity means more energy. More energy means more activity. Something is going to move. Exercise is a way to get the body to coordinate its activities. If one does not coordinate their body's activities they will suffer via the occurrence of haphazard, poorly synchronized internal activities. You can either take my word for this, or do the experiments involved yourself. I'll bet, though, that if you choose to hold minerals in your mouth and not exercise, you will stop holding minerals in your mouth, because you will experience anxiety and pains coming from your body. Some anecdotal particulars of this phenomenon are explained more fully on the "What Has Occurred" page and more particularly in the How Bioelectric Phenomena Relates to Biophysical Malfunction and What the Author Did to Solve His Own Situation Regarding this Relationship section of that page.

The odd point about MHO is that once a body is recharged, exercise is a more sought after, than shunned activity. That is because it feels good to move when one has enough physical energy to do so.

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