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This is a chart of mnacronyms1 other than those directly associated with topics covered by any mnacronym1 charts otherwise appearing at BioelectricHealth.org.

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Bioelectric Mnacronyms
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More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms1 Chart





Why futz with it? If the use of alcohol has harmed you in any way, recognize it as a weapon, as opposed to a tool in your life, in order to develop a more successful strategy regarding it.


A Communication,
Really Organized,
Yet Meaning.
The epitome of a definitive acronymA word whose definition is contained by the words that are initialized by the letters that compose/construct that acronym.



Men of
'Y' whY (reason)

A plea to American Retired Men, each, to maintain their individual HOST  computer networks, to keep their operations from falling apart like a phone book in a flood, simply because of their subjugation to F:L,A,M. programming, that we as American male HOST operators have had our HOSTs infected with as SOP.EXE files, merely for the sake of obtaining a maximum harvest yield via the F:L,A,M. for the programmers involved and their superiors, who happen to be using the USA as their body shield, where war is employed as a smoke making diversion tactic to distract the planet's population's attention away from their F:L,A,M.(ing) operation and its progenitors, so they can get out of town with the bag, so to speak.



A biological physical body.


The line in the movie, "The Devil's Own (1997)," "Don't look for a happy ending. This is not an American story. This is an Irish one," delivered by the character Rory (Brad Pitt) could apply more universally, if the word alcohol was to replace the term Irish, on the reasoning that if a fellow mushroom (constituent), or ostrich (incumbent; a more developed life form; a mushroom that has grown legs, neck and head) for that matter, needs 21 ideas (say) to solve a problem, which is preventing their happiness and due to Brain Activity Reducer/Reduction (BAR) hopping, to the extent that they have rendered their self unable to string that many together, they move their self to the unhappy ending line of progress in their LIFE.   


Mmmmm... Biologically Excreted Effervescing Refreshment... just what one needs to fog up their thinking while they are trying to figure out how to keep from getting drowned by rising tides, burned by uncontrolled fires, shot in a strange country, pay the gas bill, rent, taxes and college loan that they took out to obtain information that is presently free on the Web in order to effect their mental attributes in a way that keeps them in a befuddled enough state enough to keep them from being able to make any headway in any relevant endeavors, so that they can be taken advantage of even more in the DREGS than they presently are. LH (laughing hysterically, like Lou Costello, before he starts crying, while realizing that it won't come to the cry part, at least for myself, because at this point there are enough people in existence, that know BEST, to keep it going, possibly not for everyone, but at least some people, those being the ones who know about it now.)


The body of information which pertains to the function of and how to maintain and improve (where possible) the condition of a living physical organism's bio-electric system--the collection of activities which combines to manufacture and control stuff (phenomena) associated with a physical body's bio-electric and bio-magnetic properties. E.G. The information regarding MHO is BEST. 


Acroymized here for the purpose of increasing the understanding of the difference between what a MIND is and what a BRAIN is, the MIND being an incorporeal / metaphysical / ethereal / spiritual / supernatural / psychic phenomenon and the BRAIN acting as a biological, physical, electro-magnetic unit that can be used to relay information from the physical realm to the mind and to turn our ideas into actions the body can be used to perform at the physical level.

The MIND is not the BRAIN and the BRAIN is not the MIND. The BRAIN is in the physical universe, but the physical universe is in the MIND.

The MIND could be looked at as the data and software of the HOST computer, with the BRAIN acting as that HOST's hardware--the physical items that the owner/operator uses their HOST to access the physical plane of action with.

So why this acronym is here is to help couch the relationship between standard, contemporary bio-psychiatry [bioHOSTiatry: basically pills, electrodes, high voltages and ice picks, with implants as promised on the way all adding up to brain damage for the sake of less troublesome mental (MIND) activity for the de facto incumbency and devoid of the use of ATM-MHO/SHEEN technology, because that would solve the biological level problem, which is serving to seemingly maintain the de facto incumbent regime's stability at a low demand level, yielding for the alleged mental health system's workers an apparent high benefit, except at the expense of their clients' BRAINs' function and thus mental (MIND) capacity] and meta-psychiatry (metaHOSTiatry; actual repair of the mind, or psyche), which DIANETICS works on and beyond repairing the MIND, repairing the realm of where the MIND works (functions), which is what SCIENTOLOGY may be employed to work on.


Center of Action
Moment (or Medium)
Either point at which the future is precisely balanced with the past, using abstract terms. The point that the space and time�volume and duration �of any action balances; "Now" or on the other side of the existential equator, "Won."  Action exists where time and space overlap and the CAM is the point that bisects that medium�the moment. (Top) 


 Caffeine, Alcohol,
Drugs (legal),
Illegal (drugs), Electricity & Sugar
The main objects of PICA-1's cravings, obsessions and addictions; Objects that individuals would be better off doing without as long as doing without them does not make matters worse for those people than the way matters are for them with these objects acting as integral parts of their lives, due to their weakness to resist their use, due to their lack of power, due to those CELL's lack of electricity, due to their physical component's lack of minerals.


Acronym designed to elicit an account of the corporeal, incorporeal and bioelectric aspects of a living entity; the realization that each aspect has an effect on the other, so the effects on the other aspects of the CELL should be taken into consideration when tampering with any of the CELL's three aspects.


Confuse the
Not to be mixed up with, allegedly the US's, Central Intelligence Agency, totally, which can placed as a franchise/subsidiary of this, more globally oriented network of covertly operating agencies functioning more at the behest of old money than any geopolitical entity, whose well intentioned interests serve more as an excuse for the generation and operation of such a phenomenon, than a genuine good reason for its chicanery; In "Smoke and Mirrors" activity, where POUF provides the smoke, the CIA provides the mirrors.   
CORE Circuited
Previously introduced as POD, which is merely one of the Baseballegory's CORE's untoward conditions. CORE delineates as the Baseballegory's offensive team's locations around the infield during a possible grand slam situation--bases loaded; one offensive player at each corner of the infield--rendering fulfilled the condition that there exist thirteen players on the field at one time. That's the Baseballegory's, that Cybernetics Analysis Tool's (CAT's) normal configuration construction; where there are no other Baseballegory configurations that I know of at this time.    


A CELL 's physical body. (Top)     



Recent advances in Technology have reduced the spatial factor regarding Earth�s politics enough to require a fresh modeling of relationships. The DREGS fills the requirements for that model; The DREGS model depicts how the major players (the wrestlers) relate to one another and how that relationship effects all of the other sentient entities living [running (functioning)] around the DREGS bases.  


Intellect &

L. Ron Hubbard's, "Dianetics," is a HOST computer operating system + software (human mind) maintenance, and repair application that you can download, install on your own HOST computer and run on your network, to maintain and improve it's functionality for the benefit of all of its operators, naturally including yourself.


"THE POWER OF ACRONYMY--A Minor Demonstration"

A short while ago some canine pets moved into the apartment house I stay in and there was some barking, which bothered the neighbors, so being the accomplished acroymist that I happen to be, I dreamed up the acronym, "
DOG", and started calling the barkers, "Doer/s (depending on the number I was addressing at the time) Of Good! Doer/s Of Good!" When they were barking vehemently and profusely I would go, "Hello, doer/s of good, doer/s of good! That's it! You're really on the job I see, alerting us to any strange goings on in the neighborhood!" talking straight too them, making sure that they were getting what I was thinking. "Way to go Doer/s  Of Good! Way to go Doer/s  Of Good! By the way I am totally for 'Freedom of Bark,' 'Dogs' Rights,' and 'Canines Lives Matter.'"

I was positively surprised. They seemed to get those communications right away and they calmed down very nicely every time, believe it or not. I didn't show it, because you always want the people around you to think that you know what you are doing for karma's sake, but it was like I was totally talking their language when I commended them. They would look like they were going, "That's right! That's me! Doer Of Good! I am a Doer of Good! I am so glad you understand. Is there anything I can do for you? Sit? Shake hands? You name it, you got it, Pal."

Not everything is all that rosy all the time for the DOGs in town. I think that there's some kind of cat/dog (alphabetical billing) issue going on, because of the, to dogs, negatively biased leash laws compared to cats. Cats pretty much have their way around here, because they aren't held under the leash like the DOGs and I think that the DOGs resent that a little more than they're letting on, because, "Where's the fun if you're a DOG and they're telling you that you're not allowed to chase any cats by holding you by the throat when a cat can sit right there in plain view and you can't go anywhere further that the leash will let you?" I don't think the cats use that on them too much, but I imagine they could if they were in a mean state of mind, which I don't think the cats are around here. Still it could be an issue. The dogs seem to be taking the situation in stride, because after all, what can they do? They're just DOGs.

Giving the DOGs that acronym though, I think, helps make them feel like they've got some humans in their corner, seeing things their way a bit. I don't want to say that we have them conned, or that we've subdued them with the acronym, but the neighbors seem happier about the quieter situation and that's good for all of us, so "Way to go, Doers Of Good!" It's so nice to get along with you!

"All's well that ends well."-William Shakespeare



The TABLOIDER configuration of four axes of power (Technology, Humanity, Economic, Religion based), with its corners representing eight semi-powers, which metaphorically governs action between numerous sentient entities, which themselves are contained in some fashion via the eight parameters (corners) of the TABLOIDER. 

EMS (1)

The ambulance corps.

EMS (2)

EMS (2) is EMS (1) for victims of myriad medical symptoms due to, at one point or another in life's chain of action, an absence of mineral atoms where they should be located in the body, to do what should occur, to achieve the optimal function of their biological components.


Electricity & Tea
The acronym borrows the movie character, "Extra Terrestrial's," initial's mnemonic properties to anchor concepts that are involved with the activity of holding nutritional supplements orally, as that activity relates to the optimization of the ingestion of and the utilization of that nutrition.


Attainable Technology,
Economics &
Who knows the extent this acronym represents? The acronym FATHER contains T, H, E & R which are the four Bases/Posts of the DRIP in the order that they appear in the DREGS starting at first base�Technology.


Happy &

Pronounced: fizz, like in "Fizzies," the fruit drink, marketed in the 50's & 60's, which came in tablet form about an inch across, which upon getting dropped into a glass of cold water, effervesced; What a person can do to help their self raise the gaming level in their G.L.A.S.S.; A person can work on their physical body's FRAP and read and apply the precepts in L. Ron Hubbard's. "The Way to Happiness," non-religious moral code (common sense guide to better living) booklet to  obtain Zap, which is personal power, to play well and score the points that they could use to obtain and maintain a decent life for their self.



From the last half of the term: "flimflam:" to swindle, or cheat; The most virulent strain of Mushroom Farm virus to ever get deployed across the HOST computer network, because it targets everyone, indiscriminant of age for brain marination (softening), to keep as many HOST operators' computations, as its progenitors can,  malleable enough to fall for F:L,A,M.'s ploys and pretexts, which yield abruptly shortened (truncated) lives and confusion, which dim and darken (obfuscate) the playing field, so F:L,A,M.'s creators (progenitors) can maximize their take, their crop yield, their profits, at the expense of F:L,A,M. their victim's, their produce; The opposite (antonym) of "Longitudinal, Passive Mushroom Farming." There is no attempt to hold information away or hide it from young people, or to soften up their brains, to make it so they die quicker, in order to get their stuff (Some people do have a lot of stuff compared to other people.). Longitudinal means here, "across time, or generations," where lateral means "within the same generation of population," and active opposed to passive meaning like kicking the dirt loose around someone's grave to help get them down in there to get their stuff, as opposed to just letting them fall in there of their own free will, which would be "Passive" mushroom farming.    


Adversarial &
According to the American Heritage Collegiate Dictionary, Edition III Frap means: To lash tightly, or to take up the slack in; FRAP is used here to tie together four possible main, stand alone, divisions of medicinal activity. ("Diagnostics" and "Prognostics" are not stand alone "Medicinal Activities." Rather, they are the observation of and interpretation of existing phenomena alone, thus they are not included as parts of this term.) (More)


Adversarial &
FRAPPISM (noun) the belief that at least some medicinal activity can be delivered/received, personally, by the individual, theirself, to the individual, their self, along four primary axes of activity, those being Fortificational, Reparative, Adversarial and Prophylactically oriented and that each of the four somewhat distinct and separate (discrete) technologies involved can be studied by the individual more thoroughly with the purpose of their support, possibly improving of their own physical body's functionality at any point which they are yet capable of so doing; further FRAPPISM is the belief that the benefit to the individual, whose associated benefits of the application of technologies so obtained transfers to the groups of which that individual is a member, thus ultimately reciprocally benefiting the entire human effort; further FRAPPISM is the belief that FRAPPISM  can generate a force which either individually, or group (gregarianistically) organized and ordered, can generate the power to subdue L/S�MFT's oppressional factors, by placing into the individual's control the power to help their self, biologically, more directly, thus freeing them from needing to pay for medical expenses (oppressive economic phenomena), which are the outcome of maladies that could be averted via FRAPPISM.


Adversarial &
The technology so discovered, or a technologist associated with FRAPPISM.


Mushrooms, they're kept in the dark and fertilized till harvest time, when their picked sliced and boiled in the Sauce de Jure to be poured onto other consumable items in the Restaurant de Existaunce. To exploit is to take unfair advantage of.


A cosmology that asserts that: The desire to participate derives the intents to: A) Reduce in size one's relative size, to B) Alter one's relative position, to C) Increase in size one's relative size, and to D) Maintain one's relative position, and that those four intents combine to produce a field through which and by which GERM's (atoms) are precipitated. GERM's (atoms), being individual embodiments of their comprising intents, manifesting via their physical existence the forces: A) gravitation, B) Electrification, C) Radiation, and D) Magnetization, respectively, which are, in turn, manipulated by the participants involved, as they are capable of so doing, in order to continue to gain control of more objects required for those participants' further participation in this activity. The participants that are capable of so doing might concur that this activity is what they could call, "Life." 


This is a chart of different gaming outcomes relative to player relationships and as those relationships relate to one another. The GLASS chart appears on the TABLOIDER ART page.


Generator (of)
Re: Below Entry's first paragraph.




* Select the one that agrees with the order of Organizational Determination Involved.

These mnacronyms have been formed due to an entry in the "Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge," which states that: around (circa) 500 BC, the Greek philosopher (quoting from the entry) "...Xenophanes attacked the anthropomorphic theology of the Greek poets and charged them with inappropriately ascribing human from, social life, and even moral weaknesses to the gods. He claimed that each race and species crates gods in its own image. Ethiopians, for example have black gods; horses, then, would have horse gods. He concluded that it is appropriate for God to be one, unchanging, and non-anthropomorphic and to rule everything by thought."
 IMHO, GOD, acronimized as "Greatest Organizational Determination" is the one phenomenon that rules over all. The other three acronyms here represent lesser agents of organizational determination (will power). The main point of this acronym is to present the idea that GOD is the causal, not the effected agent of existence.


Guider (of)
Re: Above entry's first paragraph.


Blight, or

Upper of
Present tense verb or noun. Picking up litter as opposed to scattering litter around as in what a Litter Bug does.


Litter GUBBING as opposed to litter bugging helps one's area's fellow well meaning inhabitants by setting the customers who should, by chance, arrive in that area more at ease. Less litter translates to more confident customers which means more business, which means a stronger local economy, all other factors being equal. As the well meaning individuals of a GUB's area fare better, the local GUB should also improve their chances. That's GUB theory. The proof is in the result of GUBBING's practical application. The practical application for a GUB is to cheerfully pick up the litter that the GUB comes across and dispose of it properly. The GUB's cheerfulness is critical for Niceness' sake. Niceness is the GUB's shield from antagonism.



HARP is an associative mnacronym which locates L. Ron Hubbard's spiritual mechanics that are, "Scientology," in the realm of phenomena that one can use as one learns how, as opposed to phenomena that can use one as one learns it. IMO, the HARP is more mainly spiritual/ethereal technology, where religion is more mainly spiritual/ethereal politics.  


Religion &
A healthy way of looking at DRIPian phenomena, "With affinity"; Inspired by Sheryl Crow's performance of "Out of Our Heads" on The Tonight Show on 2008's June's 26'th, whose performance, at that time, seemed to be attempting to rally against me, the DRIP and some other acronyms here; Whence a meme emanates is not as great an issue as the fact of its existence. To herd this one, I hereby affirm the existence of the idea that it does well to view the DRIP with a kind attitude by the act of placing this version of the acronym, HEART, in this chart; This is the version that I feel was intended via that performance of SC's, "OOOH," whether she was the wind, the object, or the whistle itself, involved; By the placement of this acronym, I, in no way am claiming singular responsibility for its manufacture. Hereby, I am merely testifying to the fact of its existence. 


I've been thinking, pretty much for a while now, that getting along is getting over. The point of contention with helping everyone (you are aware of) or hurting them gets problematic where the ones you are helping wind up helping ones whose actions are hurting you and those you're helping. And if you specialize in hurting everyone, you're just going to wind up getting hurt by someone eventually. Ergo, there you are--HELL and the ignorance that is described as bliss most likely has something to do with a person's unawareness of this situation, but as one can't be aware of something they possess less of an existence, so there you aren't. Your choices are yours. Best of luck to you. I wish I could be more help, but that's the best I can do.

HMO (1)

Contemporary American society's, "O.K. Coral," to Health Care's, "Dodge City."

HMO (2)

HMO (2) is an HMO (3) that will help, HMO (1)s, as compliance with HMO (2) will reduce the quantity and severity of HMO (1)s' clients' medical malfunctions, thus help to increase their possible production / non-production ratios, thus help improve their asset / liability ratios, thus improve their ability to pay, thus help make possible the improvement of the HMO (1)s' price/cost ratio, thus their asset/liability ratio.   

HMO (3)

Doctor's Order; Anyone can issue themselves an HMO (3) on the grounds that they, themselves, believe that the involved activity works; Devoid of competency and age of majority issues, it is incumbent on the subject to determine the validity of the HMO (3)s that they influence their body's condition with; Devoid of legal intervention, no so directed subjects are obligated to comply with any HMO (3) they, themselves do not feel will help them. Ergo, I MHO the ones that they do comply with, can all be considered to be self administered. (Top)   


The portable human computer that exists in reality as the human head, the hardware (corporeal component) of which is the brain, acting as a microwave generator (according to Philip Stocklin) and the skull, which acts as a tuned resonant cavity, according to Philip Stocklin also in his "Physical Basis for Pattern Processing in the Human Brain" paper, where the programming, storage and memory components are the softer, less corporeal features of the human's stock computational component. e.g. The bioelectric (electro-physiologic) information posted at this Web site helps a person charge their HOST's power supply, a  hardware (physical) item. Ergo, MNMS and MHO are bio-psychiatric [corrective intervention in the HOST's mechanics at a neurologicalHOST hardware (physical)�level] activities. They make it more possible for a subject to develop desirable psychological characteristics. These occur at a more incorporeal (less physical; softer; more computational) level, all other variables remaining constant, by helping that subject maximize the electro-neurologic power of their HOST computer, which helps it run better.  


People go to an Inn when they need to nutrify (eat), because that is where all that is required for them to do so is located.


Laboratory Assistant, But Really Attentive Technologist
The missing evolutionary link between experimental specimen and research scientist. If there isn't one already, I MHO, maybe someone should make a movie that accurately depicts the nature of the dynamics of modern research science�the point at the tip of the cutting edge of technology�by whose use the darkness is either pierced, or not, depending.


The Bisection of bars�alcohol drinking establishments�on the premise that lichens, according to the authors of Grolier's Encyclopedia, are actually composed of two life forms, Algae and Fungus, working as one to live. The exploitable feature of this relationship is that Algae manufactures alcohol, which the symbiotic pair consume. Al G. makes it and Fun Gus drinks it. One's behind the bar. The other's in front of it. Fun Gus pays Al G. for the alcohol; In the MEME, if the LICHEN life form where bars, taverns and drinking establishments and MOSS would be libraries and the WEB and MUSHROOM would be a portion of each of us, more or less, to one, or another extent.  


There is a lesson in every action, win, lose or draw. Life is the learning and use of those lessons. Existence is the purpose of life. Life is a way of learning how to make Existence. The students try to make Existence in the LIFE of their action. The teachers succeed at making Existence in the LIFE of their action.


Longevity / Shortivity
L/S�MFT is but an aspect, a percentage of sentient life. It is some part of the game, not the whole show; L/S�MFT is an adaptation of the Lucky Strike cigarette acronym/slogan, "LS/MFT (Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco)," here representing a theory which posits (asserts):  Mass ideation (thought), which contributes to phenomena regarding sentient entities' Longevity, or Shortivity* gets manipulated by a faction of those entities to obtain the best outcome for the constituents of the manipulating faction at the expense of the remainder, the paradigm  (working model; mockup) of which is a Mushroom Farm, where it is the Mushroom Farmers (MFs) who manipulate existing information and obscure (hide) beneficial information from the general public�the Mushrooms (Ms)�who could use that information to obtain more fulfilling lives for themselves, in order for the MF's to harvest as much of the population's assets they can, for their own profit, where the Mushroom Farm Barn, is like a large hard roll bakery, called "Earth," whose conveyor belts aren't used to carry cooling baked goods, but rather the crops of Ms from the barn's spore planting room, through it's darkened growth and fertilization rooms to the harvest room's hopper, whence the individual Ms get swept into the Slicer/Dicer/Spicer/Pricer (SDSP) machine for the separation of assets from the physical bodies and the generation of the Public Relations, via the spicer component of the SDSP machine to keep the Mushroom Farm operating as smoothly as possible. e.g. The generation of the slogan LS/MFT was developed by the Spicer component of  the SDSP of Earth's incumbent regime (loosely defined as ruling element, the people that are in control, as opposed to the element of those who are thusly controlled) to help people acquire the habit of sucking smoke into their lungs, when logic regarding the perpetuation of physical bodies dictates the avoidance of such a phenomenon. The spice�PR, Propaganda, Advertising�promoted by the MF controlled media at any one time is either heated, or cooled, depending on whether shorter, or longer growth cycles are determined to produce a greater crop yield [quantity of succulent (endowed with assets) Mushrooms, the guideline being "Knowledgeable and strong enough to obtain assets, but ignorant and weak enough to loose them via death to the MFs," at the continually progressing determination point throughout time�the present moment; It does well to not let wander too far out of mind the L/S�MFT aspect of living as a sentient entity on Earth in order to keep from suffering the harsh effects of too great a pollyannoia in regards to one's interaction with strangers. As per the above example, LS/MFT could just as well mean "Lighting Smokes Means Final Termination" as anything else, for what profiteer is going to give a person that last mnacronym who stands to derive a large profit via their control of that person's demise?
* Antonymic (opposite) back build from longevity (great life duration).

nelolgisim (new word), derived from the combination of "Pollyannaism" and "Paranoia"; Pollyannoa is the antonym (opposit) of paranoia (detrimentally suspicious mental attitude); pollyannoia, the opposite of paranoia, means: a detrimentally careless attitude, disposition, outlook, mental state, or mind in relation to exogenic (caused by something outside the entity conserned) phenomena.


Addictions' Cause:
Needing Electricity
Actually what they are in need of is, "Bio," electricity, but bio did not fit in the acronym; Because they try to solve the original problem by doing actions that don't solve the problem, they throw their body's systems away from optimal function and eventually develop seemingly excessive needs for actions in their bodies that aren't very good for them. Those seemingly excessive needs turn out to be addictions. (Top) 



A label for an upper level (echelon) association, which is firmly dedicated to the mutual benefit of the many over the personal advancement of the few at the expense of the many; Profiteering practitioners, who are acting extremely beyond the mere making an ethical buck off the tribulations and deficits of their fellow man, as these practitioners culture those untoward features of human existence to the strain of the many for the salvation of the few from modicums of stress, these are the actually unseemly whom the MARINES oppose and thus hopefully end, in order to maintain the way to a better day for the many'. (The MARINES are independent of Mensa.)


A second degree poly-mnacronymic expression introducing the notion that it does well for well thinking people to help improve the realities (shared ideas), which impede the evolution of less well thinking people's reality, because where lower realities are not improved, those ideas wind up inducing activity that negatively impacts their own growth and lives and where lower ideation is raised, negative results disappear as their cause ceases to exist; Meme:" A neologism used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet..."�Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_meme: The MEME proposes that if moss (MOSS) grows around fungus (Fun Gus), fungus, of which mushrooms (MUSHROOMs) are species, won't be suceptable to combining with algae (Al. G) to make lichenous (LICHEN; Alcohol Consumption Business) life, which is what the MEME posits impededs the evolution of reality.  


Acroymized here for the purpose of increasing the understanding of the difference between what a MIND is and what a BRAIN is, the MIND being an incorporeal / metaphysical / ethereal / spiritual / supernatural / psychic phenomenon and the BRAIN acting as a biological, physical, electro-magnetic unit that can be used to relay information from the physical realm to the mind and to turn our ideas into actions the body can be used to perform at the physical level.

The MIND is not the BRAIN and the BRAIN is not the MIND. The BRAIN is in the physical universe, but the physical universe is in the MIND.

The MIND could be looked at as the data and software of the HOST computer, with the BRAIN acting as that HOST's hardware--the physical items that the owner/operator uses their HOST to access the physical plane of action with.

So why this acronym is here is to help couch the relationship between standard, contemporary bio-psychiatry [bioHOSTiatry: basically pills, electrodes, high voltages and ice picks, with implants as promised on the way all adding up to brain damage for the sake of less troublesome mental (MIND) activity for the de facto incumbency and devoid of the use of ATM-MHO/SHEEN technology, because that would solve the biological level problem, which is serving to seemingly maintain the de facto incumbent regime's stability at a low demand level, yielding for the alleged mental health system's workers an apparent high benefit, except at the expense of their clients' BRAINs' function and thus mental (MIND) capacity] and meta-psychiatry (metaHOSTiatry; actual repair of the mind, or psyche), which DIANETICS works on and beyond repairing the MIND, repairing the realm of where the MIND works (functions), which is what SCIENTOLOGY may be employed to work on.


Pronounced like "M&Ms;" Besides MHOing nutritional minerals, powdered nutritional minerals can be mixed into food just prior to its consumption to turn that food into, "Wonder Food" (taken from the product name, Wonder Bread, of which they said "--Builds strong bodies 12 ways." MHO and home made "Wonder Food" are both examples of MNMS. Prerequisite: "Introduction to MHO"


A person that has discovered that there is at least a possibility that they could  optimize their metabolization of biophysical substances and to that end has established a volume of time and space of their own for the accomplishment of that goal and would possibly now like to meet others of a similar mind to increase their knowledge of the subjects involved as rapidly as possible.


Establisher: noun. HILL is what a MOLE works to accomplish by constructing a MOLE HILL; Establishment: verb. The act of setting up a place, or even a place of business to Help Individuals Live Longer via Metabolization Optimization: noun. The place, or even a place of business where Metabolization Optimization is, itself, accomplished.  (Top) 


A multi phased, mushroom roots project whose purpose is to sanction/encourage MOLEs to network/burrow together towards the commerce districts of their localities with the goal of surfacing in some hollowed out old establishments or others to form gathering points/locations/nodes to converse/communicate/interface with each other and more surface oriented life forms about matters 'metabolizational' as opposed to either 'ingestional' or 'consumptional' and to trade information amongst themselves and the others pertaining to their personal findings gained through their own personal pursuits of Metabolization Optimization... their, "Em Ohs," as they say at, "Ache Que." (I am pretty sure that those are the correct spellings of those letters.)


The consideration of MONKS is actually a continuation of the acronym formed by the combination of FRAP with -PIST. The making of  MONKS is an effort to isolate the helpful activity of offering information to people as being a noble and honorable task by connecting it, thusly, to these respected solitary individuals, while also inviting those would to return to the group with their knowledge. 


In the MEME, if the LICHEN life form were bars, taverns, drinking establishments, MOSS would be libraries and the WEB and MUSHROOM would be a portion of all of us, more or less, to one, or another extent.  


The climbing is good once you figure out how to maneuver over all of the obstacles; The reason that one would construct a MOLE HILL. (Top) 


Where, by various means, people are kept from finding out what they really need to know to get their physical bodies running as well as they could when they would like to, it could be said that they are being held in the dark. It is for this reason that this trunk for this mnacronym was selected. Also included in this mnacronym is the association between the composting of the commercial crop and the activity of the consumption of alcoholic as an activity that is foisted on less aware (more in the dark) people by   

OMH (2)

Office of
That's what they call the state run agency whose personnel try to act like they are working at helping people with their mental problems in New York State. They do solve problems in that they keep people's mental problems from causing as many other problems as those mental problems could if their effects were left uncontrolled. I wouldn't go as far as to say that itthe OMH (2)actually helps its services' recipients' minds'/brains' capacity to function improve though, from what I have seen by this time of this caption's writing: 2005's February's 20'th.

OMH (3)

The work that is getting OMH (2) to help turn poorly metabolizing people into MOUNTAINs.


People go to an, "OUT," to work at optimizing what their biophysical units (physical bodies), at that point, are supposed to be metabolizing, which is what those bodies already contain for the greater part. (Top)     


Technology, or
If I were writing a  commercial for PIST, I would have it go, "You don't have to put up with getting pissed on (abused) anymore. You don't even have to get pissed off (angry)! Just get PISTPersonal, Individual Support Technology."

To the degree that someone can take care of their own person, they got PIST and to the degree that they actually do take care of their own biological self, their person, they are a PIST


Among other functions, the P.I.A. has been formulated by THE FRAPPIST MONKS to act as the entity which controls the artistic rights to the BEST material which Philip B. Obsharsky (AKA: Phili-Pbob'Sharsky) presents for public use.


Pillar of
Some contributing ideation:
  1. Thoughts concerning the slightly vulgar military command: "Pull your head out of your ass, troop!" which means to make your attention available, coupled with
  2. Considerations of the phenomenon of  ostriches hiding their heads in the sand when confronted with an overwhelming predatorial threat in order to avoid mass panic, because they fear that their defenses against it are insufficient, coupled with
  3. The idea of a ring of Pop Beads (a jewelry toy in which plastic beads, which have holes in one side and bulbous projections on the other, can be connected to form chains, bracelets or necklaces), coupled with
  4. Ideas concerning the 1956 science fiction movieInvasion of the Body Snatchers'―concept of vegetable like, "Pods," that were planted on Earth by a dying alien race, whose biologic mechanics were designed to enable the so individually planted pods to take over the bodies of each and every human on Earth, in order to replace them with the alien beings, who planted those pods, so that the alien beings could survive on Earth by snatching the bodies from the human beings via their pods, coupled with
  5. Considerations regarding totem poles as representations of chains of commands, or pecking orders.
  6. Then there's my personal experience of getting stone walled via a method that could be described succinctly as "Hiding the Head," where head means: any allegedly responsible party, in my attempts to get Pubic Mental Health System (PMHS) personnel to respond to inquires, or requests for dialogue regarding what's BEST (Biologic Electricity Support Technology) for their patients.
Pull all of those ideas together and you derive the mnacronym, POD, a dysphemism intended to deride any and all groups of people, which have excessively bonded around common worries, or fears, which can cause those groups' individuals' attention to grow inward, resulting in those groups' underachievement (just marching around in circles), because they deny the existence of the phenomena around them that they could use to support their efforts.
About 'F:' I can see now that the PMHS has to act in it's personnel's best interests, or it would cease to exist. The PMHS POD would be unable to support its personnel if it didn't have patients to act as, what amounts to be, its funding bait. Ergo, other than reducing apparently malfunctioning HOST computers to a more nonfunctional states for interested parties, little can be expected in the way of improvement (?) from the PMHS POD for its patients. Actual improvement in the condition of HOST computer hardware (individual human neurological phenomena) can only happen, in spite of the existence of a POD whose personnel, themselves, thrive on the existence of mental malfunction. There is a catch 22 (paradoxical trap) involved with being a worker (ostrich; marcher) in the PMHS POD, like the flying monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz," where the situation is that the bristles of the witch's broom stick are the flying monkey's (PMHS workers) pay checks, spun with Rumplestiltzkin's (the government's) gold (tax money). The question is, "How can Dorothy (anti-devolutionists) keep the witch's (the mushroom farmer's) broom (means of control) in tact, while taking it from her and delivering it to the wizard, the allegedly big [actually ethical (fair)] politicians in the matter, who will use it to actually improve the condition of all of the interested parties, including the munchkins (general constituency), the victimized munchkins (patients) and not just the the flying monkeys (PMHS workers), once the witch (mushroom farmer) has been subdued?" BTW, Rumplestiltzkin (the government) is snatching munchkin baby's quite regularly for the witch (mushroom farmer) presently, because PODs have been wearing such deep ruts in the social environment (milieu), that evolving mushrooms (untrained, less useful individuals) into ostriches (incumbents, either PODed, or free standing), is quickly becoming a more arduous and treacherous task. 


It could be viewed as such.


POUF: Smoked; as in, "It went ~, up in smoke," from the interrogative,
"Where's the Money?"

In case you are guessing,
Because you are messing,
POUF's components,
Your awareness'... no blessing,
Cause the less that you know,
The more your debt can grow,
While you're left to ask,
"Which way'd the dough go?"
~ is an amorphous semi visible anti-social entity which supports a mind set that unjustly limits the proliferation of knowledge, whose motto could be said to be: "Never give a sucker an even break," where the sucker turns out to be Homo sapiens�the entire species, turning it into Homo saprophytus; The smoke and mirrors manufacturers of underhanded public opinion manipulation; where the smoke is that which obscures the truth and the mirrors are the propaganda [sophisticated (correct sounding though erroneous) logics designed to cause the success of the practice of anti-ethical activities in long and profound terms, though, in superficial ways, seeming to be benign enough to appear desirable]; EOW's Catcher; The opponent of CAREROWS' Catcherin the DREGS


Maintenance &
Similar to ROME, in which term "Advancement" takes the place of the term "Evolution;" This is the way that Rome is spelled in Italy and also is a more indigenous name of the people that come from India, who are known as Gypsies.


Maintenance &
According to a source from the University of Chicago, Plutarch wrote something to the effect that some time around (circa) 20 B.C. Augustus completed his commission to erect the Milliarium Aureum (Golden Milestone) monument in ancient Rome's Forum, the plaza in the center of that famous city, from which all of the distances to each of the Roman Empire's conquered metropolises along the roads which the Romans built were measured. 
Because the Roman road system was the most elaborate in the world at that time, the phrase, "All roads lead to Rome,"  found its way into conversation and via alterations in meaning, by the eleventh century, the saying came to connote the idea of inevitable outcomes, which is where its meaning stands today.
Now we are in the midst of the world of personal computing and networking. The most major common element between the modern and the ancient Roman worlds is the HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computer, which was in existence, and used back then, much as it is now. Without it the roads and networks which have been built and have been and are being used extensively today would never have even been thought of.
Where we Upgrade our PCs and MACs, we Evolve our HOSTs. Hence there is ROUM and there is ROME. Both acronyms (hypernyms) can be pronounced similarly. The two  terms can be homonymic, but ROUM applies to man made (synthetic) computers (PCs & MACs) and ROME applies to HOST computers. You could say that synthetics could be upgraded and that organics could evolve. However, you should roam to either ROUM or ROME, depending on which task you want to accomplish.
Sometimes we know which ROUM service center we would like to take our PC or MAC to when we should, but does ROME for HOST computers exist? Equally important, can we get our (gestalt singular) HOST there from wherever we are, or is it like we are asking that question of a New Englander who tells us "I know whAa it is, but ya cont get thea from hea?" Well, I am here to tell you that you can, because I've been to New England and I've been to Rome, New York too, both in this physical life and so I know that you can make it to ROME from where you are. Seriously though, I mean that because I've gotten to do some ROME on my own HOST computer, as HOST computer ROME is now available as Dianetic & Scientology processing, that I know that HOST ROME exists and that it is possible to get thea from hea, because I did and am doing it.  
For Environmental safety reasons, I was informed on a lead base paint safety course, delivered in Rome, NY, that the fall of the ancient Roman Empire was most likely due to lead poisoning, which occurred because the upper class citizens of Rome at the time ate and drank from leaden dishware. Lead has something to do with electricity, but as long as you avoid its consumption, I guess that it's not imperative that you learn the relationship. If you wanted to help someone who is experiencing lead poisoning, you would give them nutritional germanium (the element, not the flower, "Geranium"), because that person's cells will pull the benign germanium in and let go of the toxic lead as the germanium is made available, which has something to do with both elements location in the same elemental group (column) in the periodic chart of elements. I mention this phenomenon, to give you a little more information to go on when troubleshooting HOST computer function to possibly improve it.
In regard to HOST function, lead poisoning or encephalitis, for instance, should be considered to be HOST computer hardware (neurological; brain; physical; head; corporeal) issues, where a fear of heights (acrophobia), or a fear of panic attacks (agoraphobia) should be considered to be HOST computer software (thought; mind; ethereal; spirit; incorporeal) issues. It takes experience studying the mechanics of hardware & software issues and their elaborate relationships to successfully work them out of the target HOST computer, but we (gestalt singular) assure you, it is possible to do so if enough dedication and correct information are applied toward your goal.
Allegedly resolving HOST computer software issues via means which degrade HOST computer hardware, or peripheral hardware (physical body) function is undesirable, because software can't be used to run data well on hardware that isn't working well. Plus, in regard to HOST computer peripheral hardware function, life, though possible in a physically disabled state, to the degree that it is disabled is a less than optimal proposition.
The answer to the question of how to obtain the best HOST computer function lies in the selection of the most appropriate FRAPPIST by the HOST computer operator in question, their self, and possibly those helping them (gestalt singular) resolve their HOST computer hardware and software issues and possibly their peripheral (physical body) hardware and software issue/s in order to regain for them, the best overall HOST computer ROME they can get, to make it possible for them to reach their own Milliarium Aureum, the center of their own conquered empire to operate it optimally for all of the parties concerned, whatever it is. 


Optimizing (the)
Generation (of)
whY (reason's cause)
This acronym i a quasi hikuronym (hiku + acronym) that somewhat defines L. Ron Hubbard's, "Scientology--Spiritual Healing Technology," which is a way to proceed for those who possess functional human minds (HOST computer operating systems + software), where functional human minds can be obtained via the application of L. Ron Hubbard's, "DIANETICS--The Modern Science of Mental Health," and associated works.  


"Subliminal," is about information that causes a response in a person that is delivered to them under their awareness level, so the command concerned is hidden from the consciousness of the target individual. "Negative," as it is used here, means that the phenomena of the work involved, if successful, is bad for the individual concerned. "Obfuscation/Obscuration," here means the act of hiding. "Work," denotes all of the action involved with the activity; "SNOW." The work of SNOW then is all of the effort involved with the hiding of and delivery of the command that tells someone, to their detriment, to believe that there is nothing to see, or find out in what they are attempting to view, or study; As there are many types of snow (the white stuff that falls out of clouds when it's below freezing outside), there are many types of SNOW. I.E. Some types of SNOW work directly on lowering the awareness level of the individual. Other types work on hiding beneficial information from the individual by disguising the beneficial parts as information that is ineffective, or even detrimental to them. Other types of SNOW still, work on lowering the individual's desire to learn new information. The last is probably the most insidious, because as it is successful, it can keep its target from seeking out any more beneficial information at all, thus, of the three, insuring most greatly, their demise. 

has been formulated to help the reader get more on top of (in better control of) L/S�MFT stuff (phenomena). Understanding the concept of SNOW can help a person stay more on the reel end of the line and thus more off of its hook end.

SSI (1)

The Social Security Administration's disability allotment program.

SSI (2)

The SSI (2) is Bioelectrichealth.com's hypothetical parent company. It is theorized to be an organizing structure for research and development and to manage the information that appears on this Web site. SSI (2) information will decrease SSI (1) payouts, because its correct use helps people be more able.



Dorsal, Earth & Right
An acronym that literally describes the corners (vertices) of a cube, which has the North Star (Polaris) as its 'Top' corner (vertex) and contains Earth at its center; the model is used figuratively as a development of the acronym NEWS (North, East, West & South) to orient ideas regarding the four axes of intellectual (conscious; sentient) activity, which occur at Earth, those four axes of sentient activity being Technology, Humanity, Economics & Religion; TABLOIDER has been developed to orient stuff (phenomena) regarding the technology of Bioelectric Health with existing ideas at Earth today; TABLOIDER is basically the NEWS in a form, which takes into consideration, the four in fact (de facto) governing (controlling; cybernetic) hierarchies of Earth as they manifest a Tetraheteromodocracy, where that Tetraheteromodocracy is the relationship of sentient life to what controls it, at least in the case of sentient life while it is using human physical bodies of the nature of those that are found at Earth. (Top) 


Humanity &
THE is non-authoritarian. THE is an equal (egalitarian) relationship. There is no preconceived rank in THE, as it is presented here. Religion is what a person considers controls them. THE, on the other hand, should be about what a person considers their selves to be able to control more or less according to the face value of the stuff (phenomena) that that person encounters, not what another entity's opinion is of that person, or those encounters; What a person should be able to have control over.




Humanity &
Adversary &

Technology, or
The trunk term is meant to sound like the term "Trappist Monks," which is a religious order that was originated by Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rance, at the monastery of La Trappe near Seez, France in 1664, according to the, "Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge." However, where Trappist Monks share vows of silence, according to the acronym, the THE FRAPPIST MONKS dedicate themselves more to letting others know what they do to help their selves obtain a good FRAP on their body's optimal function.
THE FRAPPIST MONKS' personal religion/s (what a person can agree controls, or guides their actions) are totally up to them, the THE FRAPPIST MONKS so involved, their selves.
THE FRAPPIST MONKS can have other activities.
The term, "THE FRAPPIST MONKS" is actually an outcome of the combination of the following ideas:
  1. The fortification of a body's bioelectric system could help someone restore their body's function,
  2. Over the course of events motorcycle riders lose bio-function for one reason, or another and
  3. Making a rehabilitative motorcycle group's name sound like it had a lisp in it, just doesn't work.
On those notes, please permit me to offer for your serious consideration the idea that it would do well to consider the Hell's Angles' (motorcycle group's) rehab chapter to be the two wheeled vehicle riding faction of "THE FRAPPIST MONKS," that did not mind investing their selves in such a fashion, primarily because of 'C' above, "Health's Angles" does not sound correct (appropriate). Not that any of the Angels either want, or need rehab, because at this point I am not aware that I know any of them personally. However, what I am saying is that, hypothetically speaking, in case an Angel did want to know something about how to fix their selves up, some members of the two wheeled vehicle riding faction of the THE FRAPPIST MONKS could be though of as the de facto, default, group that in some cases might serve that purpose, provided that they didn't mind performing the educational activities involved. Why is this paragraph here? Because one theme about motorcycling is that it is independently oriented; thus it is only natural that it is more important for motorcycle riders to know more about keeping their biologic systems running well on their own (by their selves) more than more group (gregariously) oriented people. And I am imagining that anyone studying here is at least trying to be a FRAPPIST, if not a MONK because this Web site can at least helps it's readers Fortify the bioelectric portion of their PIST
i.e. One could think of THE FRAPPIST MONKS entry here to be the opening statement of "THE PISTON Project," one of who's functions would be to get information about how to deal with PICA to two wheeled vehicle riders, because by subjecting themselves to the dangers of the street in a less protected way than riding in a car, they are putting more at risk than the average traveler on the outcome of their efforts to act independently.
There aren't any pistons on motor-less two wheeled vehicles, true, unless one considers a bicyclist's body, itself to be the bicycle's engine, with the bicyclist's feet acting as that engine's pistons.
THE FRAPPIST MONKS are about getting information about FRAPPIST to people who are trying to be more independent, in order to help them stabilize their lives in that way better and more, with the goal of supporting life around the entire Earth better and more.
THE FRAPPIST MONKS are also about melting the invisible SNOW in order to decrease (attenuate) the L/S�MFT's power over Earth's sentient activity, as the L/S�MFT's power harms that activity, because power that is generated via the premise of L/S�MFT is harmful to life at Earth and should be turned down (attenuated).


At least the person giving it to another would believe it to be so; "Protocol" here meaning activity, or procedure.


Observation of

As in "Stay on your ~"; Paying attention.


Tantamountly, or Totally
TOP is an acronym that asserts that the quality of existence of any position in a configuration can be tantamountly optimal for any entity in the configuration. From this chart you can see that TOP is not always above all of the other entities of a vertical configuration.


Treacherous Rig And Pitfall
The main obstacle to the LAB RAT's in vivo (in life) evolution. (Top) 


The "United States Air Force" acronym commandeered for the purpose of uniting American senior citizens against F:L,A,M., in order to save themselves and their progeny from F:L,A,M.'s outcomes as much as the U.S.A.F. can; one goal of which is to out F:L,A,M., not only as a hidden (covert) operation targeting American citizenry's demise for it's own self interests, but further duping that unaware population into absorbing the planet's animosity for poor management, because it is, itself (the F:L,A,M.), causing the missing (dearth in) aptitude that is responsible for the managerial incompetence, which is allowing the whole planet to roll into Hell's flaming hand basket.
True, the U.S.A.F. is only my own idea, possibly born of mine and my fathers occupancy among the orriginal acronym's ranks plus my own desires to see the major drug profiteers bombed back into the stone age. Barring that possibly slightly over zealous stance though, there is a very real problem going on here, which is negatively impacting you, your family and your friends now, as you read this, that could spell your mutual demise, and that is F:L,A,M. and it would behoove you to know about it, to prepair yourself to do what you can about it.
Toward that end, IMO, you should procure and view at length the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights (CCHR's)  DVD, "The Marketing of Madness (MOM)," as MOM goes for quite an enlightening romp through the catacombs of the Wicked Witch's of the West's--the present public mentality system's--craggy castle (ecnomo-mechanical structure)...


Upgraded from "World's" ~ to confer that those that manufacture it is whose possession it is, or should be, at least. The anchor term was replaced due to the consideration that a "World," being an animated, rather than an animator of an object, is incapable of accomplishing the control of the phenomena necessary to affect the manifestation of the phenomenon that the Web is.


Each (other)
Technology, as opposed to Theology is more of the subject of attention of the practitioners acronymized here. Science, believing what one sees, as opposed to, Religion, seeing what one believes, is the difference in consideration, which enables these individuals, not a belief in a Being who is allegedly directly opposed to an alleged Supreme Being. The idea of opposing an allegedly truly supreme entity is actually ridiculous. preposterous in the light of the idea that: as developed as we are, Humans generally don't allow each other to know, with full awareness, the factors and properties involved with how to make even an amoeba, one of the simplest forms of life that we are aware of. So the alleged fight between the alleged Supreme Being and their alleged adversary, which the alleged Supreme Being allegedly created, is to say that the alleged Supreme Being is actually challenged by an entity which is disparate to them, in power levels and stature, by greater magnitudes than an amoeba's power and stature is to a Human's. However, the concept of an ultimate confrontation (UC) is a highly entertaining concept, thus, a highly lucrative one, because it pulls box (captures public attention well enough to warrant the expenditure of actual assets to find out more about the phenomenon, regardless of the phenomenon's relationship to the actually existing truth/s involved). Thus, the idea of UC can be found to infect myriad HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computers. At this time, the UC HOST infection, if not removed (highly recommended), or at least quarantined, might cause the human population to suffer unnecessarily, due its own opposition to its own positive efforts. This infection may be being covertly (in a hidden way) generated by manipulators bent on profiting from people's misery, induced via these manipulators' allowance of the transmission of only the facts, out of all of the facts that actually do exist, which serve their own profiteering purposes. Rationality can save, but to make rational decisions one must be accurately informed, which profiteering manipulators tend to prevent, specifically for the purpose of profiteering.


The metaphoric configuration of the infrastructure of human "Reality," used at this Website to serve as a back drop for the action involving a Mushroom Farming (MF) influence on our human reality; where "Mushroom Farming" is the action of obscuring beneficial information to keep people ignorant, because people's awareness and use of  information is detrimental to the Obscurants' (Mushroom Farmers') economic stability.
The deeper in the WORLD�under the obscurants' (Mushroom Farmers'; ignorance' beneficiaries) cloudy shells�the individual is, the more that beneficial information is obscured, thus the less that beneficial information is available to the individual to help their-self with. The result of Mushroom Farming in the WORLD is that the individuals at the bottom of the WORLD wind up unaware of information that can help them and the individuals on the top of the WORLD know all of that information, with a spectrum of amounts of knowledge�the awareness of beneficial information�existing in between, under any number of the world's smoked glass, mirage like shells (bubbles) of sky.
The shells of the WORLD are like the ones that the roosters were telling Chicken Little were only egg shells from when someone actually broke through some of the WORLD's shells back there during the "Once upon a time" section of continuum, metaphorically speaking. Actually Mr. Little should have been very happy about the event. However, the roosters covered up the true nature of the occurance with their egg shell rationalization, because they were getting their corn from the Obscurants. Reality is like that inside some of the WORLD's shells. It gets twisted by the ones that benefit from people's ignorance of the information that the Obscurants are trying to hide.
Q: A relevant inquiry now then is, "What is happening since Chicken Little grew up to be Chicken Big with all of the Obscurants' disinformation in his HOST computer?" and further, "What can be done to help them?"
A: Sky Mirage�the projected public relation's propagandistic imagery of what "Up" is, according to profiteering Obscurants (Mushroom Farmers)�Cracking Actions
Accomplishing each of the following four actions will help a person break through another of the WORLD's information obscuring shells.
  • Drink as much as is wanted, but only non-alcoholic, biologically beneficial beverages, as this helps un-gum HOST computer hardware,
  • Do the ATM-MHO/SHEEN BET, as it is presented at this Web site, as this powers the HOST computer's hardware stronger and more stably than any other human technology presently available,
  • Learn and do standard Dianetics, as this is the best human HOST computer Anti-virus and anti-adware program available in the WORLD today and,
  • Learn and use standard Scientology, as this is the most extensive (robust; powerful) HOST computer program configuration and registry cleaning tool available in the WORLD today.


  1. Mnacronym: (na'-crOw-nim The 'M' is silent.) A word that is composed of the initials of other words, which assists the memory of phenomena regarding the subject of the mnacronym involved.
    (Mnemonic + Acronym)

    Acronym: (ac'-r0w-nim) A word that is made up of the initials of other words.

Mnemonic: (nE-mon'-ic) Having to do with that which assists the memory.

The term 'Mnacronymically' is a neologism.

Neologism: (nE-O-lO'-dgi-zum) A new word.

2007-2009�Philip B. Obsharsky. All rights reserved. This material may be copied, or transmitted as long as any source information that is included with it, it meaning any part of the composition of this material that is transmitted or copied for any reason, is retained with it and this copyright statement is retained as a part of it and no financial compensation is sought or derived for such action. 






This map has been drawn to help some of the Americans who do not live in New York State or the surrounding vicinity not feel left out of the SYNC Education Plan. Now you can also work  at finding out about what Scientology is and what L. Ron Hubbard's information may be able to help you with. From studying it for some time now, Scientology seems to me to be built from the ideas represented on this map. If you would like to you can see what particular item is inlayed where you live and work at familiarizing yourself with the particular attributes of that idea, the definition of that term, what it means to you and how that particular term might have something to do with what you are, or have, or intend to experience in your life here on the surface of Earth, in America at least the contiguous portion thereof, for now anyway, because this is as fast as I can go at working this project out. I hope that you try it out and have fun with getting something that will help you out out of playing with the ideas that you come up with dealing with the SYNC.

Now I can't really swear to the cartographical accuracy of the overlays on these maps, but I think that they're pretty close, the honeycomb map kind of disambiguating the areas between the circles of the previous version. The maps manufacture has been inspired by the idea that trying to take in too many ideas at one time can possibly overwhelm a person. That's why the US has been divided into regions were the local individuals involved can concentrate on defining and studying how their AmSYNCian sub-cellular term applies to the activities they are involved with. Then once the individual has the ideas connected to their localities term anchored well in their mind, they can then work at how those ideas apply to the terms of the localities that surround their own.  

Following is the LADDER/GLASS COG. Why is it here? Because this page is what we are working on right now and it has something to do with what I am presenting via the SYNC COGs. By figuring out the LADDER/GLASS COG, one will get what is going on with Scientology more and thus might be able to benefit thereby.


Amoebaphrenia Anagramation and Application of the name Philip Brian Obsharsky to the GoStayUnDumb Baseballegory Theater Field Positions, or, "Look What You Made Us Do!" Table

Following is a project that I have been working on to demonstrate the difference between intelligence and sanity. I capitalized on the fact that the PMS staff seems to incline itself to refuse to acknowledge that I managed to get my brain working again, my theory for that being that they don't want to upset the mushroom cart that's spilling their paychecks all over them. My theory goes that there is a mandate in mushroom farm management that states that if the patients get better, there will be no work for the staff, thus if they staff wants a job, it will keep pushing the most debilitating treatments possible, while espousing to be the patient's most beneficent assistant, to keep the conveyor belt rolling to the hopper for the sake of maximum crop yield.



Go ahead. Tell me I'm wrong. But then also tell me how so, if you can and want to. I don't believe that you will because I don't believe that even very merely sane people could do that and I don't believe that very intelligent people, would be at all inclined to, because they know what I am going through, between myself and the system people and they know that if I fell they'd be next ones to be posted on the front line against the merely sane people. Ergo, I'm the fool, right? So jolly good for me huh.

Thus, I rest my case your honor.

Thank you and thank you again.

STORM'S EYE FLAG (SEF) / Spirit Picnic Table Cloth

Looking at it with the sky background here, this COG looks like it could be above you, but try to look at it as if you were in outer space, looking down at a section of Earth that was over water. Then it could be oriented like a table cloth, couldn't it. Well people say that people are, "Up there," when the lose possession of their ability to animate their human bodies any longer, so why not look at this item as if it were that and you were one of the ones that was up there for a moment.

The way that this COG lines up is that, if you took the four home plates of the four GoStayUnDumb Baseballegory Cloverleaf Theater Field Phases and connected them together, with the square that was formed by the four Torii kind of running around the SEF's infield, squared to the edges of the flag and you made the bottom home plate of the SEF the StayUnDumb Field Phase of the four GoStayUnDumb Baseballegory Theater Field Phases, and you followed the other home plates around counter clockwise, just like you would normally run the bases on a baseball field, you would align the four main categories of human endeavor--Technology, Humanity, Economy & Religion (there at the bottom home plate) with the home plates of the SEF.

That would make the SEF's Pitcher's Mound the center of the eye of the storm so represented, which would also align as if one was looking down into the GLASS, which now formed the edge of the SEF's Pitcher's Mound, which, if you wouldn't mind interlacing the STAR CELL at a more metaphysical angle, you could align the YUOMi curve down through the SEF's Pitcher's mound also, though I can't say that I know at this moment exactly how the other various aspects of the SYNC align to the SEF. But I do have an idea of how the SYNC's outer aspects might align with the less vertical poles of the TABLOIDER, which we might get to go into at a later moment than this one. So here's a look at a bigger picture of the game which you might be willing and able to imagine yourself in than you are probably accustomed to viewing, at any rate, which is offered to you in the hopes that you will be better at playing it while you are in it--the game that you happen to be in, that is to say.    


I've performed an executive action as the PRESIDENT (Person Responsibly Effecting Situations Involving Decisions Entailing Necessary Transactions) of the Herkimer County Advocacy Committee Inc www.facebook.com/hcacinc to make the SEF the HCAC's Flag.

The SEF COG is also posted at the bottom of the MOFIA www.tabloider.org/mofia.htm page if you would like to read more about it.

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